Stan Kroenke


and then when we win the next game their back “supporting”

thats the definition of a fair weather fan as far as I’m concerned


Actually I said some people think the team of 91 was better than the invincibles team, which isn’t a wild shout considering they only lost 1 game.

You never told me who these “plenty” of people are that won’t support Arsenal anymore? Not liking Wenger doesn’t equate to not liking Arsenal.


We have won several games in a row this season but that doesn’t mean most supporters don’t know there is something very wrong at the club.
I want us to win every game but if we aren’t beating top half teams, which we’re not, and the performances aren’t convincing, which they’re not, then we need a change and no amount of support is going to make any difference.

Just because people are fed up with the same inevitable situation every season, with the same predictable transfer windows, that doesn’t make them fair weather supporters.

I’ve stood on the North Bank at Highbury to know that supporters say the most ridiculous things after losing, or a poor performance, but they still turn up the next game.

If anything, a supporter that criticises the team and manager for not pulling their weight means they are a proper supporter.
A person who just supports everything the club, manager and owner throws at them is just deluded.


Exactly. I know people who go to every game, home and away, who will support the team come rain or shine. But they still want change at the club, they still want Wenger out, they’re sick of the same thing year after year. Are they fair weather fans?


@ronniec is one of them, Pretty sure @AbouCuellar has said something along those lines, @Luca_from_Italy says it every time we concede a goal, That’s 3 and I know I’ve seen others and forgotten who


Lol Luca will still watch every game. He travelled over from Italy to watch Arsenal v Swansea FFS. That’s just his angry reaction after a game! Still, not plenty. Anyone else?


AS I’ve said I’ve seen others but can’t recall the names your just going to have to believe me

Does anyone on his forum think the 91 side was better than the invincibles? If plenty of arsenal fans think that I would have thought at least one or 2 hear must too


I wasn’t saying the achievement was better by the way. Just that some people I know think the squad in 91 was better. As I said, it’s not my opinion,because I am too young. But hey, turn it around on me because you can’t name the people you’re claiming said they don’t support Arsenal anymore.


Guess i have seen more game live than him :wink:


Maybe his mum can somehow by him a season ticket also as well as an apartment, then he may attend more than you @Luca_from_Italy


I just named 3 for you that I know for a fact have said they have stopped supporting arsenal because of Arsene Wenger

My post was in response to the suggestion that arsenal fans that still support wenger will stop supporting arsenal when he’s gone, that’s fucking bullshit and their is actual evidence of people saying they have stopped supporting arsenal because of wenger


@ronniec one is correct, he’s admitted to not really following us anymore I will give you that.


You can see the Emirates from outside my house and I’ve shared a season ticket with my cousin for years

Also I’ve had a full time job since I was 16, I’m an electrician and recon I’ve done about as much graft as anyone


It wasn’t necessarily better but it wasn’t far off because what that side achieved was amazing.
To go the whole season conceding only eighteen goals and having a goal difference of plus 56 and with a team comprising of mostly home grown players and very cheap signings.
It was also the same defence that Wenger had when he won the PL title.

There are a few posters on here who don’t seem to realise how good that side was and what a great manager Graham was and what he achieved.


Hahah that’s good mate was just a bit of tongue in cheek. How many games do you reckon you do attend a season on average ?


Personally I think Arsenal is a religion rather than a choice. It’s all I’ve known since I was born. So i’d find it very difficult to not support the team anymore. And i’m sure many others feel the same. Being fed up and complaining doesn’t mean you don’t watch and support the team. The reason we complain is because we love the team. We miss The Arsenal. We miss being a team to be feared. We know we can be better than we are - that is why we moan.


I suppose for me it was a choice, but when you selected the team as a 12 year old kid and you have been watching them at all hours of the night for 18 or so years you develop a strong bond for the club even when you live on the other side of the world.


Not as many the last few years, none so far this season

When I used to make full use of my access to a season ticket I’d say I went to 7/8 home games a season

The season we drew 2-2 with Barca I went to every home game I think bar spurs


Yeah I really admire you for that. Getting up at all hours. Not sure if I would do the same to be honest, unless it’s international football. You’re a great fan, there aren’t many of us who have to set our alarm to watch the team we love.




Yes, I said that. I do what I say.
I am not satisfied the job that Wenger did for a few seasons, and last season I said he did not deserve a new contract.
If he signed it, I would stop following. He signed it and I quitted (kind of, because I am still “following”)

You got your point Phoebe. Supporting Arsenal is not the same as supporting Wenger.
The unfortunate situation is, Wenger is in control of the team. He is the one that sign the players, train them, create the tactics, arrange the subs, and almost everything.
If he put the shit product on the field (not directly mean the players but the overall game play), why should I still support the team “100 %”???
You support the team 100% team, that means you are 100% agree of the management, you like the product 100% and support Wenger and all his decisions and arrangements 100%.
Well, if you are the kind of person that never complains, eat everything that people give it to you, yes, you can say you are 100% behind the team.
I am not that kind of person. I always believe the customer is the most important. We, the fans are the customer. If you give us shit products, we have absolute right to complain and whine and talk shit. I am disappointed of the product, and Wenger is still in charge, how could I say I am 100% behind the team???

I can’t find accountability from the club.
If the manager gets fired because of not doing a good job, then yes, supporting Arsenal is not the same as supporting Wenger.
Because there is no accountability, and the whole board and management are so corrupted, now supporting Arsenal is same as supporting the corrupted group, the greedy owner, and the senile manager.
I ain’t gonna do that.

At least I don’t lie to myself.