Stan Kroenke


A football club is different though. I read at the AGM a woman spoke who has had Arsenal shares for 60 years in her family.

If they don’t get the emotional link they should be heading out.


I’ve had shares in British American tobacco going all the way back to my granddad, pretty sure if I went to their AGM and tried to deviate from the agenda I would be told to be quite and then if I didn’t id be escorted out the building


Same as every other club bar one or two so what point are you trying to make here?


The line about the emotional link goes for you too apparantly.


The emotional link is as erelivent to the people
that run our club, My inital point was why are people acting suprised our AMG was brought to a close when minor shareholders started shouting and booing, That would happen at any major company’s AGM

I said I wasn’t defending chips if you want to go back and read


If a supporter who represents possibly more than a million other supporters is treated with contempt by the people who make their money from these supporters, then it’s wrong.

The questions that the board answered were probably looked at before the meeting and there was no comeback from anyone supporters that were there.

I couldn’t care less if it’s the same at any other club, we are talking about the way Kroenke and Chips behave towards the supporters.

It doesn’t make it right at any club that only a few people get to say what happens with the running of it, especially when they aren’t the ones paying into it.

It’s the people who pay an increasing amount every season of their income, and follow them all round the country, that have no say at all.
How is that ok.


That’s how football is and always has been I don’t see what the alternative that you would prefer actually is?


It would be preferable if the board and Wenger would stop treating the supporters with contempt and listened and responded to what they said.

The fact that they don’t respond must prove they are wrong and don’t have any answer.
I would have a bit more understanding of them if they turned round at the start of almost every transfer window since we have been at the Emirates and said we are going to have minimum spending because we can’t afford any decent players.

But constantly bragging that we are somehow big hitters in Europe and can afford to buy anyone is laughable, when the only two world class players we have bought since Kroenke took over, are leaving.

Just saying that’s the way football has always been doesn’t make it right.

It’s the supporters that constantly defend Wenger and the board that are perpetuating the situation and are dragging us down.


Well it would depend on what question you were asking wouldn’t it. From what I’ve read the questions being asked were pertinent and something a whole bunch of non shareholders would like to know. You’re also mixing some information from reports that I read, the people asking questions were not the ones shouting.


Before an AGM your sent a big info pack with an “agenda” and if there company had decided it would only feild pre approved questions that would be very clearly stated, if you then rocked up to that AGM with questions that had not been pre approved, regardless of how reasonable they are you would not be allowed to ask them and if you kicked up a fuss you would be kicked out


That’s cool. But here’s a line from Tim Stillmans report on the AGM…(he was at it)

Questions were invited unvetted from the floor.

So they were perfectly entitled to ask the questions. They weren’t random idiots just shouting.


What was the question that was asked the causes the up roar?


No question caused uproar. Chips being a cunt and shutting down the meeting without warning did.

I suggest you read Tim Stillmans article.


So I’ve read it and these too bits are basically what I was saying,

It was shut down once people started shouting and Ivan had asked them to stop, If any company’s AGM descended into small shareholders shouting from the audience it would be wound up straight away


And you’re ignoring the parts that make it clear that The reaction was a result of his failure to answer the questions that he himself invited.


And I said I’m not defending chips, All I’m saying is once it descended into shouting it will be shut down that’s not suprising…

I’d seen the quotes saying “that’s not on the agenda, read the telegraph” and assumed they were only fielding pre approved questions, I guess you could say inviting questions and then not awnsering them is bound to get a bad reaction but still, that bad reaction would cause any AGM to close


And shutting down an AGM in such circumstances is bound to bring bad press and ill feeling and nobody should be surprised by that either.


Exactly, the people shouting are responsible for their own actions, it was them that caused the AGM to be shut down even if you and me both agree that their reaction was pretty justified


But this is why the supporters think that the board are so arrogant and dismissive towards them.
Maybe the board did in purpose knowing how the people there would react to their contempt by not answering questions.
It gets them out of an embarrassing situation and makes the supporters look disruptive.


Hmm yeah maybe, theirs got to be at least a 50/50 chance