Stan Kroenke


Same goes for Kroenke as owner.


Chips and Stan.
Nice to see such young people running the club, with innovative new ideas, who listen to the supporters without being arrogant towards them.


So why did he buy a “soccer” club then, if he has no interest in it?


This clearly isn’t true but if it is, then who’s fault is it?


How good are Tottenham on the objective metrics ? 86 points last season.


Unfortunately you don’t get many points on that scale if u don’t win anything.


First off, defering to the expertise of a professional who’s been in the sport for decades is a little different than having no interest in the sport. Please read my comments next time. Secondly it’s hilarious that someone would think Kroenke owns the team to make money, like he’s said before there are a lot of ways to make more money than owning a sports team.


Well when he bought most of his shares we were worth less than £800m. He’s pumped no money in the club and his shares are worth close to £2bn now. So I reckon it’s been a pretty good investment for him to be honest.


Over 1 billion increase to net worth in just over 6 years on Arsenal alone, all that with out pumping a cent of your own money in :clap:


And people wonder why he doesn’t want to sack Wenger. Why fix whats not broken in his eyes. The club is making money for him so no need to rock the boat.

You’d be hard pressed to find a majority shareholder that would sack the manager when the club is running efficiently.


You can’t really use the fact that he invested right before the global demand for English football exponentially increased in foreign markets as a stick to beat him with tbh. Fact that the value of the club has grown is an excellent thing for a self sustaining club and is sign of good governance off the pitch.

As soon as he re signed Wenger after missing out on CL money and sponsorship exposure it became pretty evidence Kroenke isn’t motivated money.

People at Arsenal aren’t blind to the correlation that on field success leads to more valuable commercial deals. They are aware that the fact we don’t progress to the later stages of the CL or win the League is actively affecting our commercial profile to make major deals in the future. I’d argue that this is something that is broken or will be down the line

Kroenke seems to have a serious admiration for Wenger to the extent he’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and back him with serious money at the expense to the value of the club.



Yeah but Usmanov is our savior that’s going to ride in on a white stallion and rescue us from the evil clutches of Kroenke! :wanking emoji:


He probably isn’t those things but in the mean time he’s hardly going to vote against the guy he wants to buy shares off of. It’s not like he can initiate a hostile takeover.




I don’t think SRCJJ was using it as a stick to beat him with, it seemed to me that he was just pointing out that it has been a good investment for Kroenke. I didn’t think there was a judgment attached to that.


I read your comment and said he has no interest in football. or should that be “soccer.”

He doesn’t meddle because he sees us as an easy way to make money off the supporters with no investment from himself.

He rarely attends matches, he didn’t grow up supporting Arsenal, doesn’t put any of his own money into the club and he owns many other sporting clubs where the supporters are dissatisfied with him.
How you think this an ideal situation is astonishing.


This is actually the sad truth.


If you owned shares in a company and turned up to their AGM and demanded to ask questions that were not on the agenda be answered and started shouting their is every chance the chairman of that company would be rude to you

I’m not perticularly defending chips but the shocked reaction is a bit silly IMO


The problem here is that between Kroenke and the board they are a small number of people that own most of the club, but there are millions of supporters who pay into it.

Chips and Kroenke’s arrogance in not answering questions and showing complete for the supporters is the reason they are so unpopular.