Stan Kroenke


Fucking arrogant prick.


I think you’ll find it’s the “spoilt bitch Arsenal fans” that are realistic.
It’s the AKB’s or maybe the KKB’s that are unrealistic.

You do realise that just because a lot of supporters want to see the best for the club and while Wenger is the manager and Kroenke the owner, we aren’t seeing that, doesn’t make them “spoilt bitch Arsenal fans.”

If anything it’s the people who defend the Kroenke and Wenger and the way the club is run that act like spoilt brats, because those other nasty supporters dare to question what they do.


Chips re-appointed as Chairman after shareholder vote… Despite huge opposition from shareholders at the AGM. But, Kroenke and Usmanov voted him back in. Same with Josh Kroenke.

Usmanov voted to keep Josh as director.


I love democracy


What’s democracy got to do with anything here?


Well, fuck off then.


I was being sarcastic. Majority of shareholders voted against the re-appointments, but their votes were disregarded.

Must be the first poll Arsenal fans have lost.


They won the popular vote. :kroenke::henry2:




“every year”…“my board”.

2 year contract. @Aussiegooner and everyone else who has said so was right…not his last contract. :laughing:




There’s a brand new chant right there: “Objective metrics champions, you’ll never sing that”


haha I have been meaning to go through and calculate this sort of metric for Europe’s teams and thought about it a lot. First of all, it isn’t that simple b/c there are a certain number of points you can get with pretty damn minimal investment (e.g,. look at the bottom 3/4 and their points/$)… but more importantly, what we care about is that we do everything we possibly can to achieve as HIGH as we can every year (with some ups and downs based on major investments, etc)…

We aren’t doing that. The line used to resonate and work and make me feel good, but that is like 3-4 years ago at best. Ivan should know better - those are analyses for behind closed doors.



Just as I expected then an absolute shambles.

Fuck the board




I marvel at the great way our club is supposedly run. :kroenke:

Stan Kroenke, who effectively in a one man mission extended Le Clown’s contract doesn’t even speak. Pathetic.


That tweet Burg… :rofl::joy: