Stan Kroenke


lol maybe i was too quick to judge


So Stan has allegedly made a £525 million offer to buy Usmanov’s shares


Fuck this has put a dampener on my day.


It really is fucked thatthe best we can hope for is that usmanov refuses to sel to him and he refuses to sell to usmanov, either of them owning us outright dosent bare thinking about

I don’t think I could have imagined a situation where I wouldn’t have wanted usmanov to sell


See what Usmanov has said on the subject, you’ll be firmly in the Usmanov camp then :grin:



I think being so self-righteous about the self-sustainablity thing is becoming overrated (not exactly the word I want to use but can’t think of anything better). Climbing the mountain top without (extensive) outside resources has only become realistic for a very select few clubs (Bayern, Manchester United, Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus somewhat). If you want to be able to do it on a structural level at least. It seems like it’s a necessary evil now. Unless you accept our ‘new’ position for what it is.


I agree and at the same time I wish we don’t.


Ok now name the sugar daddy clubs. Seems to me the teams you just named are the ones that are always winning the CL lol. Our model is perfectly fine, we just don’t use it to it’s full potential.


Sugar daddy clubs are PSG, Man City and Chelsea… Though in fairness to Chelsea it was the initial Roman years that they acted like a sugar daddy club.


Ok, so my point was there are only a handful of sugar daddy clubs…hardly any really. So the most realistic way of doing business is being sustainable, like we are.


It would be great if we could be sustainable but in order to be competitive you have to invest, which is something we don’t do enough of.

If Usmanov took over and started buying the world’s best players, I wouldn’t be complaining.
None of my mates who support Chelsea go on about how unsustainable their model is, all they ever go on about is what world class player their going to buy next.

If you can’t beat them join them.


We don’t need Usmanov to take over to invest properly. Just someone in place that has a clue what they are doing.


That’s the point I think. We don’t know if our full potential is enough to compete with those teams. The only clubs who can compete with those five teams are the ones who are backed by an external benefactor (PSG, City, Chelsea and Monaco got a push in the right way (clubs like Valencia, AC Milan and Internazionale needed external benefactors too crawl back and they are not even there yet)). Those external benefactors on the other hand force those five teams to fully exploit their commercial/financial power. We don’t have that financial/commercial power or an external benefactor. I think it’s a fair question to ask if Arsenal can compete on a structural basis if we don’t get that benefactor. I think we currently belong in the same bracket as Atletico and Dortmund. We just don’t have enough financial power to compete, but if the cards fall right we might win the League. But chances of that happening are slim. Especially in the Premier League.


That’s why the Leicester season was a such a hugely missed opportunity.


Oh fuck off this interview is an absolute embarrassment


This guy ain’t going anywhere, also the job is Wenger’s as long as he wants it… I expect at least another 5 seasons of Arsene.


Why is it so bad? If anything it’s encouraging. Sure little spoilt bitch Arsenal fans won’t like it but for the realistic ones it’s good news.


Elaborate on how you think it’s encouraging please ?


An easy answer is to do something. It’s harder not to do something.

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