Stan Kroenke


My only real feeling about the whole situation is that David Dein is a cunt for instagating the situation, I can’t really see any way out of it, even if some next fucker comes in and buys out kronke and usmanov at the very best we would just be another Man City or chelsea, not The Arsenal


Aaaah yes … and Liverpool came above us once as well, I suppose that means that we are so much better of under Kroenke, when now, it doesn’t look like we can even break into the top four? My general drift was that we were always in the mix of winning the EPL back then, now we are decidedly Europa level. Any money spent on players while Kroenke has been in charge, is money generated by Arsenal Football Club, NOT by Kroenke, so anyone thinking that we couldn’t have spent that money without Kroenke is under a complete misapprehension.


I don’t understand which part of this was a response to me


It doesn’t really require elaborating. There so many variables involved there’s no basis for comparison. A NBA franchise and football club are not comparable in the slightest.

Even the coach comparison you made is weak and lazy analysis that doesn’t even begin to consider the various other significant variables that have much more of an effect on the franchise than owner such as division competition, draft picks, tactics, trades and playing assets even environmental factors like location of the franchise and profitability


All of it - you are zeroing in on a small part of what I said, and indeed at our peak, it was between us and ManU. Sure if you want to be picky, there were other clubs in the non Kroenke period, but we were always in the mix of those who had a strong possibility of winning the title. Now we are Europa - level, upper mid level, if you want to be picky, and we are not even mentioned, when the pundits talk about possible EPL champions, whereas the spuds are. I find this absolutely unacceptable, as we are twice their size, and pay twice the amount for a season ticket that they do.


No it didn’t


Tell me when it did then, I have been a season ticket holder for a long time and our failure to fill key positions was directly linked to the arrival of Kroenke. You may blame the stadium, but even after the stadium debt has been cleared, that is still the case.


An owner gives direction to where a franchise or football club is headed. I think people underestimate that. But fair enough if you disagree.


Dein picked the wrong lad. Had the right idea. We were always being bought by a billionaire once Fiszmans and Deins Shares got sold.


no it wasn’t

stadium debt is not cleared.

when do you deem the arrival of kroenke to be? he didn’t own us until 2011.


why did deans shares need to be sold?

just because it was/is inevitable that fitzmans share would be brought by someone once he passed away why couldn’t it be someone more in line with the values of the club?

deans shares didn’t need to be sold and theirs no reason fitzmans shares couldn’t have been bought by someone more in line with the values of the club is the awrnser I’m looking for by the way


I’ve always believed that Dein thought that was the type of guy he was introducing in Kroenke. He misjudged.

He didn’t have to sell and maybe he wouldn’t have if Kroenke hadn’t been a dick.


@Gmv8 did you recently have a baby that came out looking like this or something?

Only logical explanation of your deep seated hatred of Kroenke :grin:


Stadium debt is all but cleared. There is around 70million left to pay, I’m not picking bones. The club suffered through paying the initial installment, and then suffered through Kroenke’s ownership ever since. Wenger is excellent for Kroenke, as he never talks - the perfect storm. Rafa would’ve had it all out by now.


and fitzmans shares didn’t nessisarilly have to be bought by some scummy billionaire, could have been brought by an existing share holders or a fan consortium or maybe a very rich actual real arsenal fan


That’s all very lovely in theory but those shares were going to the highest bidder and I think you know/realise that.


Got more hair than Kroenke - no I hate being ripped off by some miser, through the love of a football club he cares nothing about. If it was easy to walk away. I would’ve done so by now.


Look, all you’ve done in this thread is make a load of statements with no back up whatsoever.

Maybe you know more than me, maybe you don’t. Either way I see no reason to continue this discussion.


but someone buying danny fitzmans shares wouldn’t nessisarilly be a major problem if dien didn’t also sell his shares and dien didn’t get fired for trying to sneak kronke in

replacing 1 major share holder when he passes away from old age would have been a lot easier and actually possible to come out of the other side with the club intact

david deans actions made keeping the club intact impossible and its basically irreparable as far as i can see


All you need to do is see what’s happening and you can draw your own logical conclusions. You will never get anything out of Wenger. Kroenke has said he didn’t buy the club to win trophies, which I was surprised at, but that is concrete evidence. If by back up, you mean statements from Wenger, you and I know that won’t happen. Kroenke will never say anything else, but we do get insights from ex-players, Ornstein and other sources. You can choose to believe them or not, but when you can correlate them with what is happening and has happened, it seems daft not to. I think a lot of fan pressure will move Kroenke, after all, he did cave in on the blood sports protest, but it can’t be a half hearted approach. Otherwise we will just sit and watch mid table mediocrity for top dollar, unless we just walk away.