Squad Management



How you guys did on Poldi, I return the favor on Alex… :poldi::poldi::poldi:

No, no, no… just kidding…

I really, really think he is just an Average Joe, a squad player, a project, a spare, NOT a starter.
Still, it is Wenger’s fault. He is the one to start an average player.

I have nothing personal against Iwobi.
He may be a nice kid, but far from a starter material.


To be fair, we don’t have much choice but to start average players :see_no_evil:


Why loan out Perez?
Why let Sanchez run down to last year of contract and don’t (still) have a solution/replacement?
Why not reinforce proactively to accompany Ozil and Sanchez?

Wenger has to start average players because he made himself to do so.

If he could spend 30m+ on Mustafi, 30m+ on Xhaka, 50m+ on Laca… that means we did have the money, before and now and after. The reserve fund is still untouched.

No quality in the market? Bullshit.
How much Mbappe, De Bruyne was a few seasons back???
When everybody was about 20-30m, he chose not to buy.
Now everybody is 40, 50m or more… whom can we buy?


With Coquelin gone, Deadwood count is now 8.
Campbell being injured means no way of selling him.

So the task of selling is 7 players.

Hopefully Theo goes in this window as well. Sanchez looks set as well.

So we would need to sell 5 players in summer. Still annoying to have that much work on top of purchasing players.


Wonder how many new players we have for next season…


Are you labelling Sanchez dead wood ? :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


At least Mavropanos!

The minimum should probably be two attacking players and a back-up right back. If we don’t do anything else this winter.


how much stability left??


Sanchez & Theo out, Mkhitaryan in.
Hopefully we have linedup a midfielder.

If Ozil signs, we will only need to sell 5 players. 7 would be great if we could move on Welbeck & Xhaka.


Squad updated.

Ozil signed so unlisted as potential sale & Welbeck listed as deadwood.
Team looks so much cleaner now with major deadwoods sold.
Still 6 to go out of which Per, Joel Campbell & Cazorla need not be sold.

Need to find the way to move on Jenkinson, Danny Welbeck & Lucas Perez.

Need a winger, defensive midfielder, center back & probably a keeper. Summer agendas perhaps.

Or Hopefully some activity remains on deadline day.


We agree on the 4 signings we need to make :clap:


Can we re-call Perez and make him a sub of striker?
Laca, Auba, Perez… not bad. A little bit thin but it is really not bad; consider Wenger’s other child Iwobi will get some (major) minutes.
Give Welbeck a free ticket and send him away as gift.


I would much rather play Perez than Welbeck at this point


Would you say he will be coming back from his loan or do you think he is he gone now?


Still a very young squad then. Only Cech, Koscielny and Monreal aged 30+ of those likely to still be in the playing squad in August.

Can’t believe some people had issues with signing Aubameyang because he’s nearly 29 :thinking:


At least we are all able to agree that he is actually 28 :laughing: