Spurs vs Arsenal (PL)

IMO there has been definite on field progress this season. Not all results or performances were acceptable and missing out on top 4 is very disappointing, when it was achievable but it was the best overall we have looked in 6+ years.

What are your expectation for next season? in terms of tangible accomplishments?

Lmaoooo :heart::heart:

And it’s Arsenal
Arsenal FC
We’re by far the most frugal team
The world has ever seeeen


Didn’t Emery sign as the manager on May 2018 and started his managing for the 2018-29 season???

Why the 2017-18 163m budget put on him???

His tenure was just 1 1/2 season, one full 2018-19 and half season of 2019-20.

163m on him?? WTF??

Well I guess a combo of him and Wenger…I didnt make the graphic and havent double checked the accuracy, but undeniably the wage bill has been reduced massively this season.

yes, we lost our depth as well and hurt us in the end (Top 4/CL run).

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Player’s we “lost” would have definitely been the difference makers and secured top 4…

so Arteta had a higher wage budget than Wenger until we gave away Auba and exiled floor mop and now it’s super low :vinai:

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I definitely think Chambers and AMN could contribute more than Tavares and Sambi.

No need to exaggerate by saying they are difference makers.
All we need is just a point or two, to top Spuds.
Chambers and AMN could definitely get us one more win or a couple of ties by their experience.
IF Elneny could have a couple of good games for us, also Holding, Chambers and AMN could.


We have at least made progress one front. As pissed off as everyone is nobody asked for Wenger back. Might just bank that as a OA trophy tbh.

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Nobody? I think a certain someone would entertain the idea…

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Well the time frames passed. 2 days on it’s not allowed now. My rules.

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Unreal if we have halve that wage bill to 44 mill or so, then we can get relegated and still be satisfied.

KSE :heart:

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Yeah waa kinda thinking the same. No CL football so cut the wage about 50m and call it a day, everyone in KSE land is happy. Arteta complicit in all this for sure because no ambitious manager agrees to this.


The figures are completely made up.

Partey 10m
Laca 9m
We still actually paid Auba about 12m…

You get the point.

And just in case not, here is the Swissramble version up to 2020


Except that halving the wage bill will assist in signings for the summer.

It seemed clear to me that the board were not targeting top 4. January was skipped and a decision was made to further clear out. I can only hope with the intention of strengthening in the Summer.

Will have been an impairment figure/write off as opposed to salary, but do get the point. Binning off Ozil and Auba has drastically reduced the wage bill no matter how you look at it

If we were willing to sacrifice a golden opportunity of top 4 in January…… then I’m
demanding one hell of a good summer to make up for it…

Get moving Arteta and Edu.

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Yea but not anywhere near the levels that image suggests.

This pretty much illustrates the board’s lack of urgency and ambition.
What other top European club would tolerate such mediocrity for so long?

Bellerin - £110k/week
Mari - £85k/week
Torreira - £75k/week
AMN - £50k/week
Nelson - £40k/week
Guendo - £40k/week
Mavro - £25k/week
Kolasinac - £50k/week

Image may be inaccurate but it is a fact the bill is largely reduced