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Although i told myself that i should just shut down criticism and enjoy the show. I can’t help it.

Why didn’t they go to Essos/Iron Bank; and gather support from people who can actually contribute?
Cersie has maybe few thousand soldiers at her disposal and she would spare atmost 50% of it.

Atleast with Iron Bank, they can negotiate a truce to not fund any house till the war resumes.

Build that wall Mr President, and make the undead pay for it.

Isn’t the captain of the Golden Company Daario?

One problem, which may extend to the books as well, especially with Jamie now going rogue, is that Cersei has no one of note beside her. Well apart from cartoon villain Euron. Without money and the Golden Company there is no way to keep her viable.

I really hope it doesn’t turn into everyone of note versus the zombies, like the fucking walking dead. What possibilities exist for a more nuanced end game?

Sansa challenging Jon and Dany, perhaps with Jamie and Clegane?

Tyrion betraying her, perhaps for team Lannister, or even with Sansa (he is married to her still right?)

It’s just going to be everyone retreating against the WW isn’t it, until we get the reveal about who Night King is, and Jon fulfils his legend, and maybe a Dany sacrifice. :frowning:

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Jaime and Tyrion both still breathing means to some end, that the valonqar prophecy is still odds on. I’m a little perplexed that Jaime defected and Cersie just let him stroll off after divulging him her underhanded ploy against JonCo. Will he make it to them?

Also, Tyrion, I’m suspicious what went down in his meeting with his sister. After she blatantly stroked her tummy a couple of times and he cottons on to her having fallen pregnant, it leads me to believe that she pulled her trump card and emotionally manipulated him? He looked forlorn from the boat’s hall way as Jon and aunt Fanny knocked boots. Like Jorah, is he suffering from a broken heart after seeing the woman/girl he’s fallen in love with boink someone else or is he having opposing thoughts of changing factions again?

I think Tyrion was just being smart.

He knew Cersei would never keep to a truce (which makes one wonder why he backed the idea in the first place - shit writing or a ploy?) and so simply persuaded her to pretend to make a truce. The advantage in that is obviously to make sure Jon and Dany defend the realm.

No doubt he also told her that Dany had lost one of her dragons (hence Cersei’s comment about dragons not being invincible), and he also, I feel, promised the succession to her unborn child. And no doubt told her that Dany is barren. With no heir from Dany it makes sense to protect his own family interests.

This is why I think he was looking shady during the boatsex scene. He’s worried about a baby. A baby wouldn’t break the wheel it would reinforce it. I think Tyrion will betray Dany in the final season, also because otherwise he has little to do.


This is months (a whole year) late but I rewatched the final two episodes recently so it’s fresh in my mind.

Surely Tyrion is too much of a good guy to do any backstabbing / betrayal shit in the final season. Maybe once the WW threat has been seen to…but even then, he’s always talking about making the world a better place and believing in Dany.

I can’t see how it’s going to be a purely happy ending though. Important people are going to die, my money is on Dany dying but bearing a child to Jon before that happens (she is supposed to be barren but Jon’s Targ blood or whatever overcomes it). Maybe once the reveal happens who Jon really is, something terrible might happen at that point.

The Starks are on too much of a resurgence to not be bitch slapped back down again. The one thing that I truly am praying for, is a Clegane showdown where Sandor eventually kills that Frankenstein’s monster looking motherfucker

Dany’s a twat anyway. Hope she does get killed in the last season.

Anyone excited for April?

Because I am!

Yeah the quality of the show has declined significantly over the last couple seasons but I still want to know what happens so I’m buzzing

Exactly. But if I start something, then I’d like to sail until the end.

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New trailer and final trailer has dropped. April 14th isn’t far away at all and I can’t fucking wait!

I’m binging all 7 seasons in preparation. Not much left, I think I’m on season 6 now.

My guy is coming for the iron throne.

I hope he wins


So I was up early and left before 6am today. Couldn’t resist opening up the Now TV app… what a commute it was.

Brilliant opening episode.

Can’t believe a whole year and a half of my life has passed waiting for this to come back on TV.


The near two-year gap produced a stark difference in quality.

I thought the first episode was in bad taste tbh




Yeah good opening first episode. Thankfully no shitty mid-season breaks so 5 more Mondays and we will know how it all ends.