Splatoon 2

Does anyone else play this? It’s really pissing me off. Don’t know how people make continuous progress. I can barely keep a winning record in my last 50 battles. I’ll be doing well. Superfresh weapon of 20 and finally winning more than I lose and then it’s like the bloody algorithm decides to put me with a lot of shit players. I can outscore everyone before winning bonus is awarded and still not win. It happens over and over. I leave and comeback. I’ve even taken a break for a week and I came back to 5+ consecuative defeats. I mean wtf? The worst part is that I can’t even have them in chat to them how to bloody play. Right now the Switch is all we have. Can’t wait for the damn PS5 release.

Have you experience things like this on other platforms. My last one was a PS3, but I mainly played offline games. The main multiplayer online game I’ve played was CounterStrike, and that was never this bad.

So am I missing something here?