Southampton Vs Arsenal (PL)


My last Arsenal match as a 24 year old. Don’t fuck this up lads :grimacing:

We haven’t won here in the league since 2003. With Southampton having nothing to play for this could be the best chance to end this run. 0-2 Arsenal.[poll type=regular public=true]

  • Southampton Win
  • Draw
  • Arsenal Win


We’ll win


bogey team extraordinaire


Just win. I don’t care how we play.


2-0 gunners.


Won easily in the Fa Cup but this will be a different challenge and they have players coming back. I think a draw but if we win this I may be back on the 4PT bandwagon


We have to win to put pressure on Liverpool and Man U.
I know Man U are putting all their efforts into winning the EL, but if they don’t, Mourinho is going to look a bit stupid not concentrating on a top four place.

If we win this, then our next game is against Sunderland, and Liverpool are playing West Ham, who have just done us a massive favour, beating spurs.

I can see this being a draw.




Your avi suggest you do still believe in our usual trophy :mustafi:


Well you don’t get a trophy for 5th so I’d like some silverware this season if we can’t beat Chelsea

By the by, off the back of the ‘good fan/bad fan’ debate, is it acceptable to watch the Madrid derby over this tomorrow night? :grimacing::eyes:


Going to go with a 1-1 draw in this one, haven’t beaten a top 10 side away from home all season.


1-1 because we’re away.


ummmm… is that RIGHT???


Yup… our away record is terrible

Loss against Chelsea, Spurs, Liverpool, ManCity, Everton, West Brom
Draw against ManUtd, Leicester

Southampton, Bournemouth and West ham are on equal points in 10th-12th place and we drew Bournemouth and beat West Ham.


Jesus that is abysmal. DIdn’t realize it.


And yet we could still finish top 4. Crazy really


Southampton are gonna play for the draw like they did against Liverpool. It’s up to us to win.


Is the game on Sky or BT ?


No :slight_smile:


^^ Start getting used to that answer to that question a lot more from next season :scream_cat: