Sokratis Papastathopoulos (5)


Was decent. Loved his fuck tracking Aguero back I’ll just take him down mentality :joy:


I’ve thought he’s been solid all pre-season, and he was the same today.


Nothing to worry about today. Solid performance.


Looks ok. The least of our problems atm. If he has to deal with anymore of Cech trying to be Ederson 2.0 im affraid he will get PTSD.


Early days but thought he looked a little wooden at times. Done okay but not convinced yet.


Looked pretty average to me. Depressing signing tbh.


Good start from Sokratis IMO and looked strong.

I’m still worried about the jokers still in the team, namely Xhaka who gave away a couple of very poor passes and Mustafi. I just want them both out of the club as soon as possible.

I would sooner us player Holding and Sokratis at CB and Torreira and Guendouzi in midfield.


What did he do wrong?


Looked ok.


Tbh, they all look depressing. Guendouzi, Sokratis, etc.

We’re Arsenal and we’re attracting unknowns and kids. F’ckin state of this club


Some guy on talksport saying he’s only signed a 1 year deal then he’s off back to Greece afterwards?


Bullshit. We may as well have loaned him.

You don’t pay 16m to get a player for one season


At the time it was reported as a 3 year deal or a 2 year plus the option of a third year deal.


No chance for this. What would be the point of his signing, then?


was probably drunk, when they got off the phone to him he was probably shouting down the phone ‘i love yooooooooou…and you, and yooooou…and definitely yooooou!’


He’s definitely not been the issue. Guy has been pretty solid.


He is a squad player.
We can survive with him for few games not the whole season


Not much better than what we already have. Dont see him improving us at the back on his early showing.


Impressed by him. That tackle when Kante looked certain to score was unreal.
Btw, Mustafi seems to be better with him than Koscielny. Lolo isn’t much of commander, Per used to do that job for him. Probably why he never gelled with Vermaelen.


This was obvious when we signed him.