Sokratis Papastathopoulos (5)


I don’t see how he can be any worse than Mustafi was last season (really don’t think that’s hyperbolic either) so I’m okay with this signing and the idea of him bringing Greek Boy through

Koscielny’s pretty much done fitness wise so we do need the numbers and the experience at the back


hhhhmmmmm that sounds inappropiate


You can justify all average signings with that logic.



Welcome to Arsenal Big Papa!

So proud as well that the thread I originally started has been moved to the players section :smile: Chuffed to bits!

Solid signing…bye bye Shkodran Mustafi


Haha, we’d be so lucky!


Where’s Mustafi going? I figured it’d be him and Papa as our CB pairing this season, no?


Unless we are going to have a CB pairing of Sokratis and Chambers, then Mustafi is going nowhere.
The only way Mustafi will leave is if we are buying a world class CB for Sokratis to partner.


I am 100% convinced that Mustafi will be sold this summer. We now have Sokratis, Chambers (who has just signed a new contract), Holding, Mavropanos and Koscielny (albeit out until later this year). We are also still in for Çağlar Söyüncü - the rumours are still strong.

Unless we are keeping Mustafi for comedy value or as someone to clean the rest of the teams boots, then he will be shipped out to the (hopefully) highest bidder…or lowest! BUT he will be sold.


Who cares! As long as he isn’t at Arsenal at the start of the season!


Or another CB…i.e. Çağlar Söyüncü…

My preference would have been to sign an expensive top quality GK instead of Leno…now I would love us to go all out for a top quality world class CB.

BUT I think our new team are now focused on bringing in up and coming players aka Lucas Torreira, Bernd Leno and maybe Çağlar Söyüncü and complementing them with some older experienced players to balance the squad like Sokratis and Lichtsteiner.


Mustafi isn’t leaving


When I first heard the rumours about Sokratis, I thought would happen.
That we would get a world class CB and Socrates was just a replacement for Mustafi.
Considering it’s such an important position I thought that would be the area where we would have spent the largest amount of the budget.
Saying that, it still might happen :wink:


I am absolutely convinced he will be sold…Emery put together a dossier on the whole Arsenal squad when he went to the interview. The fact we are addressing problem areas within the team from last season…i.e. new RB for competition for HB, a defensive midfielder and a CB is a clear sign that the weaknesses in the team are being addressed. I do not believe that Emery would have suggested that Mustafi was in his first team plans and I definately don’t think that he is in Sven’s plans either!


It’s whether Mustafi’s ready to move down the food chain from his career high position he’s achieved / will achieve at Arsenal. Who knows what his personal circumstances might be


Sokratis and Mustafi pairing with Chambers and Mavropanos as back ups seems more Emery-like. It has been quiet around Soyuncu.


I don’t think Mustafi would want to sit on the bench…can see a move back to Germany or to Spain or Italy…plenty of good clubs that would take him for £15-£20m…we will have to take a hit on the money we spent on him though…


Two greeks, Chambers, Koscielny and maybe Benatia. There is no room for him anymore.


To be fair on the club…we have signed 3 players and it’s only 2nd July! Lucas Torreira (everything crossed) is almost done…so we have plenty of time now to go out and get a winger and another CB…


At last!!! Someone agrees with me!

Thank you Luca!