Sokratis Papastathopoulos (5)


Yeah man, I felt so shite when my Auba thread bit the dust.

At least, I think I did the auba thread.




Nothing about this signing is right direction


Arsenal Dortmund: :auba: + :mkhi: + sokratis



Papa bless.


When asked why he chose Arsenal in the end, he said that Sokratis had been in talks with Arsenal two years ago but he doesn’t know why they deal didn’t go through. (He thinks that there was a disagreement between the teams, not an issue between the player and the team)

Wenger signing. Which would mean #sokratisout :joy:.




No idea why next month lol


Understandable. It’ll take him that long to sign his name!


Probably somewhere between because he is full of shit and because he is making it up.


Arsenal are aware of Marouane Fellaini’s availability but he is not currently a priority.

Bottom of that article :pray:


They feta geta move on with this…

I’ll get me Balklava…


Next month? Greece doesn’t even play in the WC.


Maybe if the announce it now they will feel pressure to move on to the next signing , they want us to wait and then unleash our marquee signing next month.



Daily star :gabriel: might aswell pull it out of my ass. Kicker says the same so it should be done though.


Is it because they have run out of the letters “P” and “S,” on the shirts, and have had to order a lorry load of them?


Nope we don’t have enough Windex…


Think it is pretty clear they don’t to register his sale on the last financial year.


Nahh Windex…

Plus since Wenger left nobody ordered any Humus…:wenger: