Sokratis Papastathopoulos (5)

I’d rather a bunch of cunts who win


I can has both? :pepe1:


Safe to say he ain’t joining Olympiakos any time soon.

Quality strikers finish tbf.



Tbf Laca would give him a run for his money at CB though.


cool problem solved swap their positions

Remember when people wanted Verm played as a holding midfielder? Man, those were wild days.

What do you guys think? Seems to me Arteta likes him. Honestly, overall our defenders haven’t looked bad under Arteta, with the exception of Holding who seems to be recovering from his injury. On the flip side, we’re stacked with defenders at the moment so I think someone will have to go.

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Must not like him that much if Mustafi is preferred over him.

His limitations on the ball mean he’s dispensable, but since we’ve seemingly pissed away CL football wouldn’t be surprised if he is here until his contract is up.

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Nah, Mustafi started getting used when Papa got injured and managed to keep his spot in the starting XI by performing well afterwards.

Quite refreshing to read that a player prioritises playing over money. And good for us too - need to clear the decks.

Hopefully we can sell Sokratis, Mustafi, Holding and Mavropanos. Mari wasn’t a cunt on his debut so he can stay (for now). So many players we have to move on, obviously very optimistic to think we can get rid of so many but I can hope.


Really like Papa, he’s not great on the ball (though made a really nice pass to Martinelli yesterday, was quite surprised haha), but I’d love to keep him around as a squad player, he’s a decent defender and a good personality…macho Greek af :ok_hand: :ok_hand: :ok_hand:


Yeah haha. I want to keep him on this basis too

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my first and last name doesn’t either

Are you a crap centre half as well.

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Is he fit? If so, can we stop messing around and use him instead of playing around with Holding and Kolasinac at CB ffs?

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Hopefully he starts ahead of Kolasinac.

Have to admit its really weird Arteta plays Kolasinac as the third CB instead of Sokratis haha