Sokratis Papastathopoulos (5)

Some Gangster shit tonight !?


He looks blazed AF


Well well well, what do we have here?

Sounds like I missed out on more comedy ffs.

God I love Sok, just for the limitless comedic potential the guy gives.

Hahahaha yes big Sok.

Malaka them up!!!


The best defender to play in England since Bobby Moore

I loved watching him huffing and puffing away at right back today. Even though clearly out of position and struggling to get up and down the right wing it was a highly committed and combative performance.

I do like Sok and think he was a half decent buy. Looking rejuvenated since Emery has gone too.


Never a right back but somehow despite this wasn’t our worst defender, and definitely didn’t let the side down


Fuck all y’all for not giving Papa the plaudits be deserves. Saved that shit off the line and saved us a point, spared our blushes as well. Told you Papa was legit, L2 understand football scrubs. Sven and me on a different level. Diamond Eye Big Weng 4 lyf :+1::+1:


He’s a generally competent defender. There isn’t all that much to say for the most part. I know we’ve lacked even that for so long that it’s noteworthy. It’s just not that noteworthy I guess?

A great third choice CB is the best praise I can give him.


Thought he was fine. Gave away many dumb fouls and is poor on the ball, so hurt our buildup.

He’s my favourite player though. I love him on a human level.

Edit: actually, second favourite after Luiz.

Please elaborate. :sweat_smile:

Yup. That’s what he should be in a big club.

Maybe even 4th choice imo

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This kind of stuff

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Why isnt he playing?? Clearly our best CB, by a clear fucking margin. Another Sven signing…cream rises to the top.


He’s shit also, all our CB’s are shit. But yeah we miss him as he’s better than Mustafi.