Sokratis Papastathopoulos (5)


We’ll see how this works out. I am slightly more optimistic b/c Sven is more intimately knowledgeable about him and the price is ok - VVD cost how much?

With some young defenders and Kos out and Moose crap, we needed this - now get another stud and a CM and wing and we are sorted, or at least sorted optimally for one summer.


So when does he sign?



Kola - Sokratis - Mustafi - Bellerin is the defence taking us into the 3rd Great Banter Era.

Liverpool Vs Arsenal (PL)

or maybe with some fucking decent defensive coaching for a fucking change we wont look like a bunch of twats that don’t know what they are meant to be doing…who knows they might surprise you with some fucking coaching.


We can hope. :sweat_smile:


Doesn’t really pertain to anything, but this is still the dumbest red I’ve ever seen. :unai:


Ornstein has kept very quiet with this transfer


That ref was an idiot to be fair. Footballers respond with words and gestures all the time, for as long as he didn’t curse at him or offend him in any way sending him off like that was just an excessive use of authority and bad refereeing.


Oh, I probably should’ve qualified this. I absolutely agree, no way should something like that mean he gets sent off. It was a dumb move from the ref.

I remember being majorly pissed off when it happened. :laughing:


If you’re going to send a player off for that, then imagine what the ref would have done if he had been refereeing a Man U game, when Ferguson was in charge and all their players used to surround the ref when they didn’t get a throw in.

I’ve just noticed only fifty posts on him. which would indicate he isn’t going to generate much excitement.
I expect the board are serving him up a a starter for when the true world class players start coming in.

Also, Sokratis Papastathopoulos has nine syllables in his name.
Is this an Arsenal record?


Pleased we are close to completing this deal…esp as I started this thread!

Welcome to Arsenal Sokratis Papastathopoulos!

More madness before the World Cup please Sven!


As @SDGooner said:


@Bl1nk, we got him! Time to move this thread :wink:


Rejected Mourinho? :henry2:

Welcome to Arsenal!


Not without Orn’s porn.


Reuniting the brothers


You think people would realise after two years we don’t move rumour threads anymore lol


It still bugs me though, having two threads on one player.

What if someone leaves Arsenal, then joins again later. Doesn’t feel ideal, but I don’t know the solution. Starting with a ‘clean’ player thread feels best for now.


I did not realise that…how have I missed that? Means this thread that I started will just collect virtual dust somewhere once he signs :neutral_face: