Sokratis Papastathopoulos (5)


Yeah nothing says revenue growth for a football club like nailing a market in a failed economy with mass unemployment and stagnant wages!



You’re all going to regret taking the mick out of Greek football when Big Mav leads Greece to Qatar 2022 victory and the value of our squad goes up to 12 billion :sunglasses:


In stitches irl right now hahahahahaha

:arteta: :arteta:

This club lol, the banter never stops


It baffles me that someone can like a post written by a fraud, who is trying to tell us that the board he no longer supports, even though he pretends too, are frauds…Some devious mischief going on here methinks…


Maybe JohnnyH, deep down, we’re all just scared little frauds trying to make sense of it all.


Hope :unai: dedicates the Europa League win to you.



I assume they are looking at a back up goalkeeper. Surely, Ospina doesn’t want to be 2nd choice for another year. But that will probably happen after the WC.



This happened in 2013. So if any of his own team mates fuck him off… :smile:


Shame it isn’t a first choice because Cech is past it.


We are buying this guy because of 1:51 in the video


Our greek god :kos2:.


Thank god we moved to the Emirates so we could sign players like this and be the 6th best team in the Premier League :syringe:


The environment of the Premier League since the move to the Emirates stadium has also changed quite a bit. Manchester City being bought up by Abu Dhabi, the influx of tv money for everybody, Liverpool got finally owners who actually know what they are doing etc.


Gazidis spoke drivel about us becoming a European powerhouse in 2012 though ( in a few years we will be up with the Bayern Munich’s) , we knew about Man City’s power etc then.


Bayern are about to sell their best striker so maybe we finally are competing at Bayern levels :giroud2:


But what we didn’t realise was that Burnley were going to be chasing us for the Europa League places :wink:


Harsh IMO…He is an experienced player and in my view would be more than an upgrade on Mustafi. We are not going to be able to overhaul all of our squad this summer. Sven has only had one transfer window and signed a world class player in Aubameyang, an excellent player in Mkhitaryan and a good young promising player in Mavropanos. This summer marks the start of our new structure and WE all have to give it time. Providing we get rid of Mustafi and sign another CB as well I am more than happy with Sokratis - he can do a good job for us for the next two seasons while we rebuild during this transition period.

As for the comment on the Emirates, we made the move to ensure our club could compete with the other big clubs. The decision was made at a time before the sales of Chelsea and Man City, BUT notwithstanding this, if we hadn’t made the move to the Emirates we would be totally fucked now and would likely be a mid table team. Although it’s popular to slate Arsenal and the board for their decisions, unlike other clubs we have a very sound finances, can pay big wages and can afford big transfer fees.

Most Arsenal fans wanted change after last season. We’ve got change. WE ALL need to be patient and get behind the new manager and team next season. It’s not fantasy football. We won’t get Neymar this summer. We have to rebuild the squad so we can as a minimum get back into the top 4, which likely means overhauling Spurs and Chelsea next season.