Sokratis Papastathopoulos (5)


Think this means we need to buy a more CB’s from Serie A/they’ve had experience there.

We ought to go for Skrinier.

He’s the anti-Arsenal defender and I can’t believe it has taken so long to recruit someone with his qualities. Especially versed in the Dark Arts of Defending.


I’d say to Napoli to name their price for Koubally


He’s admittedly done significantly better than I anticipated and seems to have more to offer than I ever imagined or probably even give him credit for. Still says a lot about the quality of our centre backs that he’s our best option though.


I like that between Papa, crazy Stephan and Beef Truck (Kolasinac) there are fairly few fucks given when it comes to the physical side of the game. We have lacked that I think.


Not to mentioned Torreira, for all his lack of size, seems to be as strong a bull.


that fucker is like a Chihuahua on PCP


Beef truck lulululul. He is basically a big bag of lean beef.


Yeah I like that.

Especially since teams still try and get physical/take the game to that kind of territory thinking it’s still Wenger’s pretty boys.

But now this team is more than happy to enter the pigshit right with the opposition. Leaving a leg here and there, a couple late challenges when they’re trying to wind us up, it’s great because you can tell, Burnley for example at the weekend weren’t really expecting it.

I think that’s why Dyche got so heated.


About time we had some wankers that can bite back !?


Another half way line booking yesterday. Anywhere outside of the centre of the box hes very average.


Had probably his worst game in an Arsenal shirt to date, and when he has two defenders alongside him that should be investigated by Trading Standards for impersonating footballers, you know that carnage will ensue


Yeah chronic stupidity against the best team at the peak of their powers at home = bad


He was simply just a stop gap cheap option when we needed real quality, I’m not going to sugarcoat it.


Every single one of our summer 2018 signings bar Torreria have been fucking abysmal.


Been coming all season that. Been a lot of delusion invested by fans on his behalf.


Doozi isn’t a terrible signing.


The signings werent so much terrible, it’s just we needed to spend about 100 million more with the sorry ass state this squad is in.


Meh he’s alright if we didn’t sign him we wouldn’t have missed much


Let’s be honest. He was a stop gap signing. He wasn’t going to fix our real defensive issues. He’s had solid performances this season but they’ve papered over the cracks. He was torn to shreds today and shouldn’t even get paid for that shit performance.


Thought Sokratis played well again today. Seemed to really relish the challenge. And any defender who celebrates a tackle like they scored a goal is definitely someone I can get behind!