Sokratis Papastathopoulos (5)


Greek blood right here. Derby is just a synonym of War to them.




I like the way players like Socrates, Lichtsteiner and Torreira compliment a team.
This is what we used to have when Wenger first came here.
Players like Vieira, Adams, Keown, Lauren, Petit etc playing alongside Henry, Pires, Bergkamp, Ljundberg, who were no slouches themselves when it came to the more physical side of the game, and it was very successful.
But then he went from that to nearly all technically good but very few hard players.

Every team needs players like Torreira, Sokratis and Lichtsteiner, who lead by example, and it certainly has made a difference to the whole of our team.


I still think this is a stopgap transfer and we probably should have gone for someone younger and better, but it hasn’t turned out quite as bad as I thought it would.

For one, he is faster than I thought. And also I think Sokratis’ don’t give a fuck attitude and his eagerness and willingness to wrestle/shithouse his way to winning the ball back is something we’ve been missing for a while. And I like that he always follows his challenges up with a “what? I didn’t do anything” look :smile:


It’s definitely a stopgap! This transfer has worked out the way I thought the Sebastien Squillaci transfer would. I was so naive about that. :wenger:


Stop gap yet still our best defender by a significant margin lol.


Basically my thoughts. Pretty happy with this business tbh.

We needed that kind of mean streak.


He’s so old school I love it.


Hilarious isn’t it?

I like his throw back style, he’s all about the mind games lol.

Great game from him today.


must be frustrating for the players


Asked about his individual battle with Sokratis, Burnley striker Barnes said: "It was fine, just like any other game. I have a job to do and that’s all I can do. There was a few bit of handbags on the side but what will be will be.

"It was frustrating. He trapped my foot and it was frustrating how many times he fouled me. How many times is he going to foul me before he gets booked? The referee was quick enough to give me a card."


Really warming up to this guy, though we was signing some mediocre defender but he’s really proving his worth.

Best defender at the club (Even if the competition for that title isn’t very high right now)


Like his physicality and he opens his mouth and rattles a few. However for me he is just an average player who looks better than the inferior players around him.
Another poor booking like at Bournemouth. Anywhere away from the centre of the area and he gets found out.


At least he knows when to take the yellow for the team.

The amount of times over the years where our muppets have stood off and allowed people to just run off them without bringing them down is just ridiculous.


Being turned and caught out the bigger issue for me.


These guys. :hugs:


Sokratis easily one of my favorite players at the moment.


Sadly this is probably true


Actual MOTM today. Absolutely loved it when he gave a good ol’ hairdryer to Xhaka for messing the defence.


Just bought him on FIFA after todays display. Braindead at times, but much more controlled braindeaditis than Mustafi.


I really love this guy. Fastest player on the team, and he has no fucks left to give, especially not to some of the brain dead idiots he has to play alongside. Moral of the story? Sven knows, Sven knows…