Sokratis Papastathopoulos (5)


I’m not sure I really understand why people seem to think Sokratis has been bad either, he’s been really solid imo.


Exactly, this is what I’m not understanding. Glad I’m not alone lol


This one I didn’t get either. They might have thought Diallo was too inexperienced and because Mustafi is also reasonably young they thought they needed a bit more experienced defender?

I don’t understand why we haven’t been taking in French talent like candy anyway. Even in the latter years of Wenger. They are producing a lot of proper talent again since the Pogba generation.


It’s the only kind of logic that makes sense, but I tie myself in all kinds of knots justifying that move.


I think that was their thinking, that they needed an older head in the back line.

That’s fair enough but we need to ship out Mustafi and replace him with a youngish quality defender, problem is there’s a dearth of quality defenders available.

I’m envious of Liverpool and City’s CB parings.


Don’t know what’s the issue here. Had my concerns initially but he far exceeded my expectations. He doesn’t take the defense as a joke which I appreciate. Definitely our best CB unless Lolo comes out for one last banger of a season.


Have Holdo and Papa ever played together this season?


There was a method to Sven’s madness. Sokratis is an above average CB not a world beater, but the mentality of he and Lichty is what we needed in this team badly. He was at the center of all the little scuffles going on out there today, he and Lichty made it very clear that Spurs were in for a war.


May be something to this. Both bridges for next gen.


Love how he takes absolutely no shit haha.


Thought he had a good game.

Was all over Kane like white on rice, he was definitely up for the battle.


Sokratis for a 17 odd million was a no brainer, guys a fucking tank.


He’s uploaded a new picture to his Instagram account…



If Kane was facing the other way in that pic it would look awfully suspect :arteta:


The other thing I also really enjoyed was Papa passing Kane like he was standing still on a through ball meant for Kane, Papa is really quick.


Sokratis be like

Now someone just needs to superimpose Klaims head on the Sudanese guy


Thought his game was mixed, did some good things but made a dogshit decision to foul Son when he was going nowhere.


:henry2: You rascal.


Some of his fouling is smartly timed and tactical, when we are in trouble he often commits cynical fouls high up the pitch and gives us time to regroup. Its great to have to that.


Yeah you can tell he played in Italy that’s for sure