Sokratis Papastathopoulos (5)


LOL pretty much… Mustafi was an absolute joke today… our worst player by miles on the day.


Lol, I saw him dive in again and was like ‘ffs Sokratis’ but then he murdered the poor attacker :arteta:

Had to hold my hands up for that one, fair play. Was very good today.


Thought he had a great match today.

Is it just me or is this narrative about him being slow a bit of a myth?


Our best defender today - also, apparently he won some recent sprint contest at Arsenal (other than one player?). I think the issue is that he isn’t very quick (acceleration), but once he gets up to full speed, the guy is fast.


Think he came third behind Auba and Bellerin in that order.


Surprised how good he has been tbh


Solid as a rock