Snooker thread

Yep. Long match.

Remember last year’s semis? They were epic, Too!

Come on Bingham!

Interesting here that the final is allowing up too 900 tickets for the final a session. Only 600 been taken up.
Year on of a pandemic and clearly some people not totally trusting as yet of jumping right in.

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I think football will be the same, mate. Even clubs like Norwich, Leeds and Liverpool who generally have sell-outs and will have genuine cause to want to see their team next season will have supporters who think twice.

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Yeah it’s going too be interesting especially for anyone with underlying conditions or who live with people on whether too go back at first. Plus you’ll have people out of the habit long term. Still interesting too know how the capacity increases go and logistics in and out of stadiums and testing.
People could get quickly fed up with that after initially going a couple of games.

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I thought I read last week that all available tickets had sold out?

They were expensive as well, £120 per session I believe. That is enough to put me off, not the COVID guidelines.

And it’s Mark Selby, that’ll put his own missus off.