Slavia Prague vs Arsenal (EL)

Fingers crossed it doesn’t end like that Thursday night mate, we need this to keep the flicker of hope continuing with our season.


I reckon it’s a shit game, we score on like the 73rd min to take the lead, concede in the 89th min then win in ET.

I’d say it’s a 50:50 whether we go through

Prague are better than given credit for but we were wasteful in the first tie and if the players turn up we have a good chance of doing what we need refs and luck permitting

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I’d love to see The Arsenal win this trophy.
A European trophy is long overdue.


The 1-1 from the first leg wasn’t great but it’s not a disaster. The players should approach this as a match to win outright and try to score early.

If we happen to be drawing 1-1 again by FT, at least this time we can benefit from having additional time to score another away goal and I would assume our urgency/desperation would make a difference there.

Ideally we score at least 2, then they would need to score 3 to have any hope, which would be slim from their side by then.

OA is going to be very spicy if we lose this :smiling_imp:


I can’t see us not us not beating Slavia Prague and then we have a few fairly easy PL games against Fulham, Everton, West Brom and Newcastle so if we get three wins from those games, it should see us challenging for a top six place as well.

We’re still clear favourites with the bookies to get through to the next round and are still second favourites, behind Man U, to win the EL.

But, if we don’t beat them, it could be rather interesting on here.

Have a look at the game at home against them last week if you want to see it


And if we win it’ll be:

“We were lucky”

“We’ll lose to Emery now”


We’re going all the way to the final, no fear.


Lets be honest, we are going to need a LOT of luck to win this!

We find it difficult to score, that’s what worries me.

Lacazette swan song incoming on 26th of May.

In my vision he starts on the beach and Auba plays striker scoring braces all the way to the trophy. Lacazette can pump his numbers in the league.

Nah, we need a big game player. Laca’s record against big teams rivals some of our legends. :sob:

Have you thought about getting behind Lacazette ?
We can all slag off players , I’m very good at but we need all 11 to play out of their skins .
Now , stfu
Get behind the team

Oh yes
I’m going to get my scotch glass , ice and favourite scotch ready .

It’s slavia Prague. They spend like €5-10 millions euros a year on transfers, they sell any half decent player because they have to. They’re trash we should beat these blindfolded for fuck sake.

Pissed it’s not already fucking decided.


You struck me as a vodka martini man

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We’ll turn it round .
Comfortable 3-0 win