Slavia Prague vs Arsenal (EL)

Europa League Quarter Final
Thursday 15th April
Somewhere in Prague
KO: 20:00 :clock3:
:tv: BT Sport

  • Slavia Prague to qualify
  • Arsenal to qualify

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I think we’ll scrape through but who really knows with this team. Either way it’s definitely not going to be a fun watch

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I don’t know which Arsenal version will turn up for this game, as I don’t have any confidence in Arteta nor the majority of the current players, but I hope we qualify either way, it’s already an awful season as it is.

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I’m going to say we go through, not sure if that’s because I think we will though or I just want us to so badly.

We’ll score early

I think we will manage to scrape a victory. If we don’t I hope Lego gets the boot.

@Flexo @Cristo are you trying not to jinx it?


Although given we went out to Olympiakos last year and Prague have an away goal I am in no way confident whatsoever lol

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If Prague play like they did at The Emirates I think we’ll be good.
Unfortunately, I feel like they’re gonna be super motivated on their turf and show us why they have made it this far.

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Result only game. Not arsed about selection, style or performance team wise or individually. Just find a way.


Another embarrassing European night in the history of arsenal club de futbol

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Yeah I think there crowd would of been more significant than ours would on home ties.
Saying that could of made the same argument for spuds last round but didn’t matter in the end.


0-0 draw and out on away goals. I reckon we’ll have less than five shots on target.

Elneny to be brought on as we chase the goal.

As bad as we are and have been - I still feel like we’ll at least make it to the semi-finals.

That would represent massive overachievement for this seasons Arsenal

Honestly it all comes down to how we look in the first 10-15 minutes for me. We have to be aggressive, energetic and pressing from the front. The first leg we sat off Slavia all game letting them build from the back. There was very little intensity in the press and that has to change this leg.

If we come out with that approach I think we will cause them to be shaky and whittle down their confidence they have going into it.

Yes that’ll leave gaps for their long ball counter but my hopes are that we play attacking football and try to overwhelm them with tempo and pace. We were poor on Thursday and still created a boat load of opportunities to bury the tie. I expect we will create overloads and have Aubameyang firing this time around.

I think the team will rise to it initially and cancel out their away goal within 20 minutes.

We’ve made it nervy now but if we get the start right I think we will eventually squirm through 3-2 on aggregate.


We all know this team is capable of getting a result , it all depends on what Arsenal turns up . Arteta has got to step up to the mark not only with his team selection and formation but even more so getting every player motivated.
A high pressing, fast passing game and we’ll be in the next round .
I’ll happily take a 1 nil to the Arsenal.
Looking forward to this game , COYG
Don’t let us down .


I think it will end 1-1 and we go thorough on penalties, judging by previous EL performances.

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I can’t shake the feeling we lose this 2 1. If we do win and play Villarreal I think it would be a simpler tie for Arteta too set up for. Just hoping.

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If we do get through this getting put out by Emery feels like destiny.