Skhodran Mustafi (20)

AMN defense crew destroying their credibility by the post.



Can’t disagree.
Arsenal’s downfall should be a collective failure, but it is easy for us to jump to conclusion and make a case when targeting one or two.
If such and such play in such league… yes I agree, but there is not IFS unfortunately.

Not me bro. I think the lot of them are garbage. Mustafi, Luiz, Kola, Bellerin, Holding, Chambers, Xhaka, Elneny, Eddie, Reis, Joe. If it was up to me I would shot the lot of them. AMN is a beast and I’m hoping that little injury Bellerin picked up against WBA means we see more of AMN.


I fucking do.


Would his masterclasses Vs AC Milan and Napoli in the Europa help dispel them?

Is it? Mustafi was one of the best defenders in La Liga and he was WC winner with Germany.
Xhaka was one of the best midfielders in Bundesliga and was made captain at 22 for Gladbach.
It’s not like we brought in random bums from the street and told them to play football.

I can easily see them pull a Mkhi. I’m actually banking on Xhaka accepting that next summer and fuck off to Italy.

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Sorry, I never rate Mustafi.
He could be a a good defender in certain league with certain team, but he was never top quality.
Same to Xhaka.
I would say, EPL requires a lot more than other leagues and have more exposure (means exposed more). It is not a league for anybody.

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I don’t disagree with that. :+1:

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Rumours again today that this fucker could also be set for an Arsenal exit…really hope so! Can’t wait to see this fraud leave the club.

Look at the way he slobbers over Mustafi man.

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I can’t wait until this fraud leaves the club…time is running out and then we can finally move on

I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if he signs another deal cos Arteta begs him to stay.

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We already fucking offered him an extension previously, Mustafi is gonna break up with us thats how pathetic we are.


Mustaaaaafi! :mustafi:

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Meanwhile this fuck is stealing a living!

Gunnersauraus in a pandemic is more useful than this cunt

Honestly it’s hard to feel the affinity towards the club I once had, especially when the squad is made up of so many completely unlikable and spoiled cunts.

Moving forward our recruitment policy should really lean into looking at players who want to play for the badge.

Taking chances on players from smaller teams like Bissouma and Buendia could really move us forward as they might actually appreciate playing for a club as big as ours.

Every 2/3 Arsenal players in our squad right now don’t give a fuck about what it means to play for Arsenal and it shows every time we have to sit through 90 minutes of garbage, sleepy football.


Most players kiss the badge of the club that pays them the most money.
But I agree with everything you said.

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Can’t compare Ozil and Mustafi…one was an Assist King and the other is a total fuckwit that needs to get the fuck out of our club. No one will miss Mustafi when he has finally gone!

In fairness, I ain’t gonna miss Ozil either…Good riddance to be honest…

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