Skhodran Mustafi (20)

Who gave the green light to this? :gabriel:

It’s just sad. He hasn’t been good enough to play at this level for a while. It’s okay to admit it and move on.

He really needs to fuck off this month. Articles like this really annoy me because it is not as though he is being trolled by people online, it is in response to comments he (or whoever manages his social media accounts) posts online. Xhaka is exactly the same. If you’re a player like Mustafi and post a stupid comment about how a defeat will only make you come back stronger or thanks for the support after a bad loss, then you deserve to get fucking slated. I really am sick and tired of this fucking cunt. He really does sum up everything bad with our defence and some of the players attitude. He needs to fucking fuck right the fuck off. He was really poor today.

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Any unenforced errors today or just the Luiz / Mustafi partnership not working again?

He made one stupid error early on, but after that I thought he was pretty solid. Couple of good interventions.

His long passing is superb. Shame he cant actually defend though.

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I just don’t understand why he has such a bizarre predilection for lying down. It’s become a bit of a joke with the guys I watch ball with that whenever he goes for a 1on1 we try to predict how he’ll end up lying down on the grass flailing lol

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He’s talented but he can’t help himself and have the classic brain fart at the worst possible moment.

You mean he is excellent at giving the ball away! Dreadful passer of the ball.

Just following up my coment from yesterday about social media comments, this is what the fucker posted on Facebook:
Tough fight :facepunch:t2: Disappointed about the late equaliser, but we’ll bounce back :soccer: [#SM20]

…And he wonders why he gets abuse from fans!

I think he is an interesting case - it is one reason analyzing players like him (and to some degree Xhaka) is hard.

Moose actually CAN pass the odd long-ball and create something out of nothing… the problem is that he also can pass right to the opponent calamitously creating a dangerous counter. Football is a lot like golf for players who play closer to their own goal: mistakes are punished FAR more than brilliance is rewarded…

Ultimately that is the reason that players like Moose and Xhaka (imho) will never be the right player for us.

They’re shit.

Wasn’t that hard. :mustafi:

LOL well there is that… but what I mean is that they can actually do some good things… the problem is that good things don’t add as much value as bad things detract where they play :arteta:


Thought he was leaving and here we have him starting games.

:mustafi: :mustafi: :mustafi: :mustafi: :mustafi: :mustafi:


You can just laugh at this point.

Someone tell the lad he forgot the clown paint.

I actually detest this guy. How he hasn’t been sold yet amazes me.

no one wants the cunt that is why and we can all see why

Like how bad is our luck.

We had Holding, Chambers, Mavropanos, Luiz, Sokratis to keep Mustafi away from the squad and we still find ourselves in a position to play him.


Must not play for Arsenal FC ever again, just on principle

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