Simone Zaza




Oh for gods sake, not this guy…


Is this the guy that done that penalty?! :joy::joy::joy:


I’ve heard he’s still doing the run up to that penalty so I can’t see this one happening.



That top class player we’ve been waiting for.


Good player for a club of West Ham’s level. Which is why he was so good for Sassuolo. But at a big club like Juventus he’s found himself 4th/5th choice and he is not an adequate replacement for Giroud.


The english club interested to buy him is West Ham.


So Higuain, Vardy, Lacazette, Mahrez, Griezman etc, were all just a smokescreen, and the real world class player we were after was Zaza.


I read the title as Joey Zasa…


Don’t worry, he is going to Napoli. @Maxi_Gooner


More like just ZZzzzzzzz…


Don’t get the hate, I think he’d add some real pzazza to our attack.


Yup. Simeone said he was a real azazin in front of goal.


With the way he bottled that penalty, his mentality would fit in well at Arsenal.