Should the Transfer Window be revamped?


Can’t remember if it was @Trion who said this, but every year there’s endless spectulation at least from an Arsenal fan’s point of view of players we’re linked to but utlimately comes to nothing and that we tend to only react when there’s only a few days to go.

Some of you probably already know from over the years that I don’t really tend to get too involved in player rumour stories as most of it comes to nothing. A lot of it just complete bollocks.

We have the January transfer window that last one month, but tends to be pretty quiet.

The Summer one lasts two months officially, but some work behind the scenes sees some get sorted before it officially opens.

But do you feel the transfer window system should be changed? Should there be less days of the window open, so that more business gets done quicker and less ‘filler’ news? Or maybe you’d like to see the window scrapped and go back to being able to make transfers all year round.

Or is this a pointless thread because we’re the only club that tends to do the bare minimum in the window and that stems from the board and manager? :sweat_smile:

Thoughts?[poll public=true]

  • Yes - Reduce the number of transfer window days
  • Yes - Scrap the transfer windows, free for all year round
  • No - Current system is fine as it is
  • Unsure - Discuss other alternative options


I think that once the season has started, then there should be no more transfers…I also think that this should be applied to sackings of managers, end of season only…


[quote=“JohnnyH, post:2, topic:458, full:true”]
I think that once the season has started, then there should be no more transfers… also think that this should be applied to sackings of managers, end of season only…
[/quote]That would have meant Chelsea might have got relegated last season.
That might be a good idea.


I think it’s fine the way it is. There will always be early injuries during the first couple of games and new managers will have to figure if they still need to add players as they’re not often knowledgeable with how a team performs during competitive games vs friendlies, so there needs to be some time to figure such things out. Also it gives teams options to add players depending on in which European competition they qualify for and it’s easier with every league closing their window at approximately the same time.

Regarding Arsenal I think it wouldn’t really change much. It would just push our business a couple weeks forward, but we wouldn’t suddenly do it all in week 1, but just wait for the last days in mid August, instead of 2 weeks later.

Winter transfer window can stay too.


Its a window for administrative paperwork to be filed. Having less time in that window would only mean the paperwork gets filed in a shorter timeframe. It wouldn’t stop a second of speculation.


3 day free for all from 8/1 - 8/4. And there is a committee that reviews all bids and if you submit a bid for 20%+ under the committees valuation you forfeit 1/4 of your derisory bid to the other club.


It was yesterday when someone said that Transfers should stop before the season begins.
I agree with that.

Let the drama be over with before seasons begins & let everyone focus on the on field work.

Since there is no winter break, that can’t be helped.


For me, it should end the night before the opening day.

Early injuries? Just like in September and February, tough shit.


But what about other leagues that start later? Should they get longer? If so why? If not why not?


Absolutely hate the fact it goes on two weeks into the season. You have two months to prepare for an entire season so it’s laughable that clubs are swapping out players when the competition starts.


There’s just no reason for it to be on during the season. If it’s okay for it to be open during the season, then why have a window at all.


Well, there’s European competitions you can still qualify for and there’s an international break at the start of September anyway, so I don’t see the issue with the window ending right before the players join their NT.


The window dragging on into the season only suits ill prepared managers like Wenger who fanny about all summer when they should be identifying targets. Only to go on and get pumped 8-2 at OT and then buy additions that could easily have been made prior to the season kick off.


It’s easy said though when you’re talking about a manager that should know his needs, but when you’re a new manager and just taking over a team or when players come back late from their international duties, like 1 or 2 weeks before a season starts, it’s always hard to judge if someone’s going to be fit or not. Also as I’ve said teams will need to add players to their squads if they qualify for European competitions, as the money and the added games will allow them to do so, which they else wouldn’t have to.

We may have a manager that tends to leave needed business late, but that doesn’t mean that the same things happen everywhere else and that there aren’t other problems elsewhere that need to be addressed differently.


Why do we need that long of a transfer window?
Wenger only needs a week or so.
First make an early transfer when the window opens (or even before that).
Then wait and wait and wait till the last couple of days before the window closes.
I’d say, one week for us is enough.


That’s a good point.


Look at Conte. Conducted his business in a professional manner after/while having a fairly decent campaign in the Euros. I don’t buy it. Managers have many a minion to do the leg work and all they have to do is give the names and get their house in order before the season starts.

You’re trying to make it sound like the little guy benefits from the window being open but in reality they suffer a lot more, big money moves linger over them until the day the window shuts, take Mahrez for example who knows where his head will be in next few weeks.

How often do you really see a team build a squad after they qualify for Europe surely the proactive thing would be to have the players they need already settled and featuring in the game to qualify to get into Europe.


I’m not talking about Chelsea or Manchester United or any of the other big PL teams here, but about clubs that will actively have to add to their team to even get through a season if they need another player or two. If you have money to burn and one or two additional quality players to your squad won’t hurt you, both in fees and wages, it’s not going to be an issue, but there are plenty of others out there that do have different needs that will only become apparent once they’ve qualified or once a manager has seen them actually play in a professional match and not in a better friendly game somewhere in east Asia or even during their training camp in Austria.

And just as a final point… it’s not going to change anything for Leicester (as you mention them). You’re just pushing the deadline 2 weeks forward. If a club comes in and buys Mahrez or any of the other better players they have they’re going to be in need to replace him no matter if he goes on the 15th or 31st of August.


We’re going to have to agree to disagree but I do feel that it’s better for the integrity of the competition for everyone to be set in their teams on GW1 even if it is at the expense of hypothetical problems that are more down to a lack of foresight and bad luck, and as for the money well we all know the EPL is flush these days and the fourth side usually are quite a big team anyway.

It’s also impossible to know how 2 weeks of a star player being touted for a big money move would affect a dressing room but I’d wager it would be negatively regardless of whether he stays or moves.


No doubt, if every league could agree to have the deadline set earlier and if qualifications and such were all done by the time the league starts there would be no problems, but as it is it’s just not going to happen and so you’ll always have different circumstances needed for different clubs and leagues.