Shkodran Mustafi (Fuck out)


actually you seem to be right on this one, looking at the photo this is from iwobis mistake. Then again it wouldnt surprise me one bit if this happens without mistakes being made…he is a disaster on legs at the best of times.



No. Fuck that. Loans are bullshit. Would much rather take the loss.

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on whether he will be out for long…
No. I think last week he is with some problems also in his head and today, when in the last 20 minutes he was also with some problems, I decided to give Mavropanos 20 minutes. I hope it is not a problem with Mustafi for this week and the next match.







Shkrodders head has gone. Thanos firmly IN now please.

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Saw suggestions on Reddit that fans at the stadium cheered when Mustafi was injured? I didn’t notice any of that on my feed.



We had more issues down the wings than in the middle today. Not saying much but he has had far worse games than this one.

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To think that Wenger overpaid for him because he thought that leaving it late the transfer window worked in the buying club’s favour.
Valencia knew how desperate we were and we ended up breaking our transfer record for a defender, who would not look out of place in the Championship.

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I knew he wasn’t all that but I never anticipated him being as bad as he has been. I mean, I thought we overpaid but I thought we were basically signing someone who wouldn’t improve our defence.

He’s a strong candidate for being the worst transfer in Arsenal history.



Preach it.

When you take into account how much we paid, how bad he’s been and how often he’s played I don’t think it’s close.

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Yeah absolutely. There have been worse players, but this transfer has been poor on so many more levels.

The investment, the performances, the expectation… you name it. It’s been a disaster and we’d be lucky to recoup a third of what we paid for him.

All the while Liverpool banished Sakho from the team and still managed to sell him for a profit.

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There is plenty of competition, but he is up there with Perez and Xhaka as the biggest waste of money, and we got them all in the same transfer window.

So it would be fair to say that the window we spent more than 90m, on those three, could possibly rank as the worst by any club in the PL.

We should get a trophy for that. :grin:



If he’s at Arsenal next season there wont be any point in watching us. He just kills all of the joy…



Absolutely. The only player I would consider more heartbreaking than him was Almunia, because we were playing some unreal stuff back then and Almunia would take it upon himself to fuck up a good days work.

We just haven’t been a good team for a very long time and having players like Mustafi is one of the reasons why.



what concerns me also is his mentality. Emery said after the match something to the effect that his head isnt in the game (like it ever was) but one of the most important areas on the pitch and he hasnt any heart and doesnt give a fuck and this is the type of player we have playing for us in a key area and we wonder why we ship goals for fun. Why isnt his head in it…it reminds me of that piccie of the coach pointing at him accusingly as if to say ‘i am on to you’ maybe it is literally is the case that the coach was pissed off at him.



Big Shkod’s going nowhere :sunglasses: 2 years to run on his deal, has a young family here and most importantly of all he’s being paid a lot of money at a club which represents the absolute peak of his ability in the football food chain.



If only Mustafi was the one player that could be directed at.

Highly paid and under performing players, that we can’t get rid of, is an Arsenal speciality.

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Definitely, but he’s the King of them all.

To be be fair to him, I don’t blame him. If I could con a club into giving me a fortune I didn’t deserve, I’d do it.

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I don’t know that anyone here is blaming him for the contract he was offered. Fair play to him. He managed to earn himself a move to a great city like London, play a lot of games and get paid a lot of money.

I do wonder about Emery’s comments that Mustafi’s head was either not in the game or that his head had gone, I’ve seen it reported few different ways from third hand sources. I’m not sure if it’s Emery’s way of motivating Mustafi, Emery’s way of saying to the Board that Mustafi has to go or Emery’s way of covering himself for selecting him for City.



What did he specifically say? When we lose matches I tend not to look into quotes after cause I usually find them pointless to be perfectly honest.