Shkodran Mustafi (Fuck out)


You mean like Emery’s winning streak/unbeaten run?


Yes. Still do


LOL. Fair enough if you deem money in the bank more than winning titles, then yeah 75mill is better off being in a bank account rather than spent on one of the best if not best centre backs in the world.


How is alternate of not spending 75m on a defender, keeping it in the bank?

I am not having a silly debate the first day of the year.


Definitely gonna goad you into one now. :gunnersaurus:


So you’d like it spent on middle of the road players in drips and drabs then, much like how Arsenal do ?




FWIW I agree with you. It might ultimately turn out to be money well spent like 32 on Rio or 34 on Buffon did but those amounts were fucking nuts at the time too.


If they win the league this season with the best defence in the league, with VVD being arguably player of the season the money spent is already justified.


The value of a guy like VVD is also that he makes players around him better. Lovren was a little flaky at best prior to his partnership with VVD but he looks like a much more solid option playing next to him.


That’s a perfectly reasonable take on it. I just don’t agree with it.


Not one to toot my own horn, but toot fucking toot.

Fucking classic OA madness.


Seems like this guy and Elneny will be the priorities to be sold. Hooked again today and I don’t think it was just a precaution because of his injury. I can see us trying to recoup some money from selling Mustafi and spending it elsewhere.

There should be interest for him. He had a good track record at Spain and could improve in Italy. Should be getting something between 15-20 mil. for him.


Simply not good enough if you want to challenge for top 4 or to win titles, you could get away with him 10 years ago but not anymore.

I think Him and Kos should be moved on come the summer. He’s mid table club defender at best, and Valencia got the better of the deal. Mustafi even in his better games will always have a mistake or rash challenge in him. I agree with the person above me, who said 15 to 20 million for him would be good business at this point. He’s not going to improve no matter where he goes, he’s just a solid professional.


Liverpool/Chelsea would pull some of their voodoo shit and sell him for something like 25+ million or something. It’s stuff like this that lets me down.
The money we recoup from our out of favour players is underwhelming. I mean, 3 mil. for the guy who created the most chances in La Liga after Messi still blows my mind for today’s market.


We somehow managed to sell all our valuable assets like Cesc and that Dutch guy at below market value and totally missed the boat on big money fees coming from China or the Gulf States.

I’m still convinced we’ll find out thirty years from now that the transfer fees for guys like Oscar were more or less money laundering but it’s still annoying we couldn’t be a part of it to benefit the club. :arteta:


Ok, I’m now completely convinced Emery despises this guy atm. I don’t think this was the case earlier in the season but it seems like he has given up on him the past matches. If Koscielny was fitter or Dino had no experience he would probably not make the 18.


I don’t think Emery will sell him, as he is more than adequate as a back up to whatever CB he signs.
But Kos might be moved on as he is on higher wages and is a lot older as well as having injury problems.

Also, there is no other club that’s going to give us much more than a few million for him so it’s not as if his sale is going to help finance any new player coming in.

I really thought he would do better under Emery than he did with Wenger but our defensive issues and lack of organisation seem to have continued under the new manager.

Perhaps Mustafi needs to play alongside decent defenders and play in a more organised defence unit to get the best out of him, like he did when he was far more effective when he was at Valencia and for Germany.




Dumbfuck gonna be a dumbfuck