Shkodran Mustafi (Fuck out)


Tbf, he’s not a bad player. Given the right partner he could shine. The thing is, he is not consistent enough, not just between games, but during the match even. He literally goes brain-dead at times. It’s funny to say but that’s really the case.
Should’ve gone to Italy when he had the chance.


To think that at the start of this season he was first choice CB and probably still is.

This is the main reason why we are letting in goals like a relegation team.

Is there any other club in the PL that can boast worse CB options than us?
Is Kroenke going to give Emery the financial backing to sort this mess out?


@SRCJJ Credit where it’s due here

I had a look through the Mustafi transfer thread from the start, where we were all seemingly taken in by the transfer fee and the idea that a German defender with La Liga/Serie A experience must be half decent. I personally couldn’t wait for the signing, despite having watched no more than a few televised games of him alongside Abdennour. You were the first person to call this guy out as a fraud :+1:


It’s his resemblance to Hank Scorpio that sold me on the idea.

Why didn’t I think of that? Hammocks!


Much like Hank Scorpio’s debut we/Homer were all taken in by this amazing nice boss/possibly competent defender with a big fee.

But we should have known it was all too good to be true as they turned out to be fraudulent cocky defenders/maniacal supervillains.


Why is everyone going 35m 35m now?

At the time when I said it was a stupid amount, I was told it was the going rate.


Wait didn’t he had a slight dig at Wenger lol; yet defends like an amateur


Remember when he never lost his first 20+ games for the club :joy::joy: it went downhill from there


He put in some competent performances for Valencia and had just won the World Cup with Germany. Plus we were so desperate for a defender in that 22-28 age bracket to come in that summer. Signing him, Xhaka and Perez appeared like Arsene’s last roll of the dice. It obviously backfired.


2015 summer was like haha we only signed a GK the whole summer you can’t get worse than that. 2016 summer is like you think? Hold my beer!


I thought Xhaka was the truth, next Xabi Alonso . Never been so off with a transfer in my life


Forgot Perez… that was another 10+ that could have been put to better use


What the fuck were people in the club thinking when that deal was going down Jesus. £17m down the drain…Leaves a sick feeling looking back at how poorly we strategised and invested


Then sold him to west ham for 3M two years later :joy::joy: this is sackable stuff


Did you say that 75 million was a stupid amount for VVD 12 months ago also ?

In regards to Mustafi at the time I was happy as we were actually spending money on a CB, admittedly I hadn’t actually seen him play a huge amount. Obviously neither had our recruitment or scouting team.


It’s a big risk to spend for a defender, but so far looks like it may have paid off or at least worked out well. I guess question is if they could have spent that more effectively, which is an interesting thought exercise


Personally I don’t think they could have, without VVD they’ve probably conceded at least double the goals they have this season and are probably on par with Man City points wise.

I think the choice to go all out and get him will be the reason they win the league, instead of falling short to Manchester City.


Right here with you brother. Xhaka was going to be the quarterback we needed, have him sit in midfield and launch passes to runners. It hasn’t quite worked out like that though. :facepalm:

I’m not 100% sure but I recall that Wenger said he hadn’t really watched Xhaka play before signing him. I wonder if it was the same with Mustafi.




Bit uncalled for elec tbh.