Shkodran Mustafi (Fuck out)


Playing devil’s advocate.
If Stanislas was given a moment more he would have found the player to his left who was unmarked.

That said I doubt that was the reasoning in Mustafi’s head


A brain fart :xhaka2:


After today’s defensive horror show, Mustafi can’t return soon enough! :speak_no_evil:


That is a truly tragic statement


We’ve hit rock bottom now


Don’t worry I was joking. My least favourite player at the club


Hahahahaha some people I know were using his absence as part of an excuse as to why we got beat.


I despise this football club for making me look forward to his return


Not even our worst performing defender in today’s latest predictable Anfield shaming.

Just wanted to reiterate how much I despise him before I go abuse Lichtsteiner :sunglasses:


I just have to pinch myself everytime I think about this guy costing 35 million quid in the 2016 summer.


At least he is quality banter. Love how he always complains at refs, teammates, oppos for every fuck up.


The sooner we get rid of him the better. If there’s one silver lining it’s that he and the rest of the defense turned in such a diabolical performance three days before the transfer window opens. Sven and Raul better pull their fingers out.





Shkodran Mustafi is a wretched option, yet still amusingly the sixth most expensive central defender in the history of the game.

Stephan Lichtsteiner was good three years ago, but dropping him in the Premier League at the age of 34 was the worst idea since David Cameron thought it might be nice to settle the EU debate once and for all and in doing so increase his mandate as Prime Minister



Theres no one in the remain camp on this one.


The Leave vote would be strong across parts of North London, but Manchester, Liverpool and basically everywhere else would be solidly Remain :pensive:


Still boggles my mind. Thirty five million. Thirty five million. He’s somehow managed to win a World Cup and still plays like poop three out of every four weeks.


This transfer boggled my mind long before we completed it. Absolute reeked of desperation then and it’ll certainly go down as one of the worst P4P signings in the history of the league.


I really wanted him at the time haha. Can’t remember why. Maybe just desperate for us to sign a defender that wasn’t 16.


He has quite a cool surname so I think that was the main reason for my initial enthusiasm for the signing.