Shkodran Mustafi (Fuck out)


Mustafi has always been a bang average defender with poor concentration. Valencia robbed us blind and it was obvious to see before we even signed him.


I can accept that he is shit, thats just the way nature created him. But why does he have to run his mouth and act like a “leader” on the pitch. Everytime HE fucks up he has that blaming look on all the other players.


You called it from day, gotta give you that


He’s gotta go in the next wave of clear outs

Probably the summer but January suits me, can’t waste more time there was enough of that


Credit where it’s due. Brainfart had a superb game.


Yeh fucking hell he actually looked decent in a really tough fixture, changes little though in my mind.


Played well and its the fucking goalkeeper that does the mistake :joy:

We can’t win!


I thought he was horrible, plenty of times Liverpool ended up in a dangerous situation it was because Mustafi was asleep.


His lofted passes posed a threat


I honestly don’t feel like he done anything particularly praise worthy today. He just wasn’t awful.


I think it’s pretty clear that his passing ability is why Emery keeps him in the side. It’s definitely not for his defensive awareness.


A superb game, really? He still made some errors. I don’t think any of our players were particularly bad, but he was quite far down the order in terms of rating them.

But I guess our expectations for him are so low, that anything above the line is a shock.


yeah, i thought he was dodgy AF as per, for their offside/onside goal for example

He’s in the team for his ball-playing abilities as @Josh says


That’s praise worthy :joy:




Nearly cost us the win in the final seconds. Fucking dick.


Another one :joy::joy:


Not defending that challenge at the end because it was poor. Better though to question how they brought the ball from the back and through the midfield to the edge of the area without a player attempting a tackle or block in the last minute of the game.


Stanislas on edge of area in dying minutes…

Mustafi’s brain:
Don’t do it
Don’t do it
Don’t do it
Don’t do it
Don’t do it
Don’t do it
Don’t do it
Don’t do it



Tbf, that was a dangerous situation there.