Shkodran Mustafi (Fuck out)


I wonder if we’ll see him phased out given his performances have been less than inspiring. I was never a huge Chambers fan but the decision to allow him to go on loan looks even stranger. Mustafi can hit a through ball but he’s good for at least two or even three moments of total panic during the game.

I remember being really excited when we signed him and a little frustrated that there were rumors Valencia were trying to force Aymen Abdennour on us instead. Would have much rather had him in hindsight.


For me, Mustafi is the biggest weakness link left. I don’t think Kos returning will help matters either. Mustafi still makes silly mistakes every game, he can have a good game but he can also still make two to three silly decisions in that performance. Holding looks like he’s got better over the last two games I’ve seen. But we badly need a top class CB still, along with a Winger next summer.


Ooooff, I read that last sentence a little too quickly, then.

Thought you were asking for Arsene back gor a second.

and breathe


You know, Wenga was a CB as player :henry2:


Mustafi watches himself defend for the first time


Cringe as fåck


Solid today, keep it coming Shkodran :slightly_smiling_face:


Credit where it’s due. He was very good today.


Things are going well when even the :clown_face: plays well.


No way he’s getting any credit off me until he’s a couple of dozen not shit performances in.


Credit where its d… nah fuck that and fuck this clown.


Mustafi on Iwobi’s insta story is jokes :joy::joy::joy:

Dance Musti Dance! :man_dancing::man_dancing:


Don’t know how this walking brainfart starts for a club our size


This :clown_face: at his trademark best, for the love of Christ please fuck him off in the summer.


Fuck this guy


Liche is on Hopefully for him haha


@Castiel I’d rather have Jonny Evans.

This guy is a walking calamity.


At this point I’d rather have literally anyone.


Can we sell him in january?


Parma want him? :wenger: