Shkodran Mustafi (Fuck out)


What makes his mistakes even worse is that he immediately looks around to try to blame someone else when he’s solely culpable for the error.


I would do the same tbh :joy:


One of the reasons I despise him.




FUCK THIS GUY ! I LITERALLY HATE HIM. Not only is he one of the worst defenders i have ever seen, he always blames everybody but himself.


I’m positive Gabriel would have been more useful to use than Mustafi. For the record I don’t think Gabriel would have been a great, top five best Premier League centre backs. But I’m confident he would be better than Mustafi.


As a fan his name pains me when I see the current team sheets…


Looking at the videos @Electrifying posted makes my blood boil. Calling him a clown is an insult to clowns cause it takes quite a bit of brains to make people laugh. He is just an idiot.

Just shocking how he is even near our first team. I wonder if someone has shown him videos of these goals and told him how shit he is. There must be better defenders in our youth team than Mustafi.


This guy’s IQ is lower than my cats. Simply baffling.


Don’t insult your cat like that, shame on you :santi:


We keep on winning, but he is still a clown.


Cats are actually quite clever. But I guess Varunn could have cats with learning difficulties, which would make the comparison to Mustafi understandable


I don’t really like cats that much but I think Cats are much more agile even in their deathbed than Mustafi


Consistently stinking up the place all season. Has he had a competent game at all this season?


Holding has done enough to bench this guy now.

It only took 2 games but still, think we should be going Holding Sokratis from now on.


Keep Arsenal tidy, put Mustafi in the :put_litter_in_its_place:


My cat’s a little slow, but even he learns over time.


If we are keeping clean sheets, and winning, with him in the side, imagine what we would be like with a proper CB.


We’d be conceding a minus amount of goals!


Clean Sheets and winning as well…?