Shkodran Mustafi (Fuck out)


when was this?




no offence mysty but you didnt post last season and that was after he had his best game for us and scored in our first league NLD win in years. Was probably heat of the moment. But that was a fluke performance looking bad and he is very bad.

Bit of a weird thing to scroll back 9 months to find that lol


Damn Calum. Just as i thought you were one of the elite posters on this forum :bellerin:


Here fishy fishy

This is one of my ‘catch up’ threads, that I haven’t looked at since last year, until this evening, so I happened to spot that one and then your recent one from the other day, so I couldn’t resist :wink: I wouldn’t take it heart, just a bit of fun me old Scottish chum.


still think it was a very random thing to bring back up but :+1:


Loooool Mysty with the RECEIPTS :arteta:

Proper rumbled


Calling Musti to be the captain is a bannable offense imo.


lelelelelelel @calum get rekkttttttt scrubbb :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Haha :slight_smile:


Haha @Mysty got Calum good




seriously, that guy…if his brains were dynamite wouldnt have enough to give him a headache.


“Die Hard IS a Christmas movie. Stop fucking saying it isn’t.”


It isn’t


Tell me why it isn’t.

Then I’ll dig out my post from last Christmas explaining why it clearly fucking is.


It wasn’t even released at Christmas, it just happens to be set at Christmas – just like Lethal Weapon – why does no one call that a Christmas film?!

Besides, if Bruce Willis says Die Hard is not a Christmas film, then it’s not a bloody Christmas film!





One of a kind.