Shkodran Mustafi (20)


And once again a disgusting performance from this numpty, 3x passing the ball straight out of play, putting his teammates under pressure with unnecessary passes and general acts of buffoonery throughout.

After Leno spills the shot he (Mustafi) stands idly by whilst Koscielny anticipated the danger and gets there to prevent a certain goal. Chalk and cheese with these two.

How this utter gimboid has got to play 100 times for a club of our supposed ambition is laughable :tired_face:


Another infuriating Mustafi moment. Thank god for Koscielny.


The guy isn’t even Senderos level.


I’m gonna play devil’s advocate here.

Don’t think he wasn’t the only one guilty of this and I thought he had a semi-mediocre game i.e. a pretty decent one by his standards.

Everyone agrees he’s a pule of turd but not so sure we need to make a shambles out of nothing performances when we know the next shambles is only around the corner.


Put some respect on Senderos name. Just naming him in this steaming pile of shite thread is an insult.


His positioning is so damn bad it’s unbelievable. Mentality is weak too. Cannot wait till he is sold.


His head looks gone. He’s done.


But he somehow keeps getting picked and I wonder if it comes down to numbers.

If Emery wants to play three at the back Mustafi keeps getting picked. We aren’t going to play a back three of Sokratis-Kos-Monreal because Nacho is toast physically. I think it’s unlikely we’d play a back three of Sokratis-Kos-Xhaka but even if we wanted to we can’t because Xhaka is injured. I guess we could play a back three of Sokratis-Kos-Dino but I don’t know if Emery wants to do that.

If we go with four at the back maybe there’s less of a chance we have to play Mustafi but then again, he’s supposedly played RB in his career and if we want to avoid playing Lichstiener (which I think we can all agree on) Mustafi would probably be in contention for the RB place as well.

I know we’re all basically beating a dead horse every week because every week he plays, fucks something up and then turns around to yell at Leno for no reason. I have no idea what it feels like to be a professional player that’s clearly out of his depth but I can’t imagine it’s fun. Hopefully he gets the boot in the summer if for no other reason than to clear out some of the bad juju he brings.


I agree, but this is what annoys me about players like Mustafi.
No fight and no passion.
He is more skilful and fitter than Adams, and is not an alcoholic.
He also earns about 100k a week while Adams earned about 400 quid and spent most of that on drink,.
Yet when Adams went through periods like this, certainly when he first started playing for us, he would have just worked harder and got through it.

Get rid of losers like Mustafi and get in some players that will fight for the club.
In the last few seasons all we have season is players and a manager with a loser mentality, a complete lack of urgency and a level of complacency that I have never seen at a football club, let alone ours.

This really has to stop, and this perpetual talk of a transition period is just ridiculous.
What club goes through a transition period for more than fifteen years while actually getting worse.

Get him out of the club, and all the other wasters as well before we become more of a laughing stock than we already are.


Arsenal put up a post in lieu of Mustafi’s 100th arsenal appearance. Safe to say the comments weren’t favourable…


Lol maybe I’m too much of a softie at my core but is all of that really necessary? I do hope he’s gone this summer tho


I don’t have too much sympathy with these sort of players.
It’s his own fault if he isn’t up to this level or can’t concentrate properly for a whole game.

The difference between him and most other people that aren’t very good at their job, is that he earns 100k a week, which is paid for by the supporters that he is letting down, and he can clear off back to his own country when things don’t work out for him.


This is the bare minimum of abuse he deserves. Terrible footballer and terrible human being.


Terrible human being? How so?


i reckon he PMd LordBendtner and besmirched his name


Nah I’m with you there. I wish people would just be normal and trash him on a private Arsenal forum like we do. There’s no sense in abusing him online. At the end of the day he’s a player who is massively out of his depth at Arsenal and has been since he arrived here. But, in theory, he’s still showing up for work every day and trying his best.

That said, we should absolutely sell him at the first opportunity.


Yeah writing in his instagram comments is a cunt move. He’s a person and if you are shit at your job and have no confidence you aren’t gonna do it well. He like Wenger needs a change of scenery and a different league.

He doesn’t need fans in his insta comments to tell him


I think just not having him in the playing 11 will improve our defending. He does some good stuff but his mistakes are way more costly and he doesn’t seem to learn from them. He needs to go and I hope he does.




In 13/14 we hardly conceded outside of those away thrashings. Then after the world cup Mertesacker couldn’t be arsed and Kos get injured IIRC.