Shkodran Mustafi (20)




As if someone will be dumb enough to buy him.


Anything above £15m and we’ve done well


Well “listen” meaning they will walk him to the end of the plank and let any damn shark chomp him.


By “listen” I hope it means holding a shotgun to the foreheads of various heads of recruitment.


What would happen if we transfer list him? I’m a little foggy on what that means for the club? Does it mean we take a hit on his transfer fee, because we’re already making a loss so who really cares if it means getting him out of the club?


Seems like an odd thing frankly - I don’t actually think there is any legal/actual ramification other than it is a more overt/public way to “shop” someone… so basically it is saying to the player “we don’t want you” and saying to the football universe “this guy will be sold.”

I think practically speaking, yeah the implication is that you get lower fee, but I don’t think that is too much of a deal with Moose anyway - its not like we are going to have a bidding war for his services lol.


Reckon he’ll go for about £12m


Valencia royally dicked us on this one.

Going for sub £20mil is embarrassing business but we’ll take it.


Any money, for someone who has an entire twitter thread of mistakes dedicated to them, is good money.


You don’t want to sell super cheap, but I’ll honestly be delighted with £10million too, Mustafi is just one of those players you get out of the club asap and take the hit.

Rubbish situation but sometimes you hold your hands up and go ‘I fucked up’


The day this dickhead goes will be absolutely as brilliant as the day Wenger got the sack.


I actually hate Mustafi.

I HATE him. Bastard.


I’ll say £15m. We should all guess and the closest on this wins some kind of prize.


They got the better defender, even though Gabriel isn’t a world beater either, for nothing.


I’ll be surprised if he goes for more than a packet of hobnobs to be honest


Gabriel vs Mustafi would be a good poll, based purely on ability. I expect Mustafi would come off worse given recency bias, but honestly Gabriel was awful in an Arsenal shirt too


Sell him even for nothing. Just want to get rid of him.


We should sell him back to Valencia for around 15m, he was actually pretty good for them.
It’s only when he came here and put on an Arsenal shirt that he became no good.

What do we do to deserve such poor defenders and defensive coaching?