Shkodran Mustafi (20)


Needs to go but played his part in Wenger getting the bullet, so theres a pint in it off me when he does.


A full thread in this cunts defending if anyone wants to give themselves an eye haemorrhage


I posted this yesterday haha still funny tho deserves another post :arteta:


By the same logic, he also gets a like :grin:


He really is fucking dog shit isn’t he?


The best one is Shane Long’s goal where he stands there and expects Cech to come out and cut out the cross even though it’s coming straight at him.

What the fuck was he thinking there? Theres absolutely no explanation, other than that he’s an imbecile.


Yeah, by far the worst for me. The falling over ones and ridiculous sliding tackle ones are funnier though lol


You’d think just to mix it up there would be one of him executing an inch perfect slide tackle cos it would be equally as fascinating


I swear he falls and slides in ridiculously in every single match now


It would honestly be the funniest shit ever if he played for some other cunts


I’ve seen worse defenders wearing an Arsenal shirt, but not at £35m. The price tag obviously not being his fault but people will still hold it against him. He’s also quite dislikeable with his on-field histrionics and playing the blame game all the time.

Tbh, I like to think I despised the useless muppet before most on here :sunglasses::innocent:


The brainlessness is what gets to me… he really is a low-IQ footballer.


For such a short and weak defender he is suprisingly stiff and clumsy. His whole body is screaming for help with every turn he makes.


Lol my b


It’s funny because it may just be me, but I feel like I notice this less now. Mostly in his first season and last year he was doing it, but even he must realize now that our biggest problems are thanks to him.

He just looks depressed and out of it a lot of the time now.


Peak Mustafi is him Instagram storying himself sing some foreign rap music while driving his car


Looking at him I don’t think it is just in football :henry2:


We must have been scouting him for quite a while because we are not renowned for rushing in to buy any players.
But to scout someone for so long and then think he is worth 35m, which made him one of the most expensive defenders in Europe, what did Wenger see in him that made him so special?

Although the same could be said of Xhaka…and Perez.


Mustafi and Perez were a StatDNA signing and both had very good stats. Xhaka also had very good stats and many of us hyped him up as a Xabi Alonso type player because of his ‘tough tackling’ and range of passes. If Xhaka had a brain he could be a top player.

They were all playing at mid to bottom clubs that couldn’t transition to top clubs. Liverpool and United have countless examples of such flops


It is inevitable to have some flops - what you need is mitigating situations like cheap young developing stars and/or flip jobs like Spurs and Liverpool have feasted on… we have had absolutely dismal ins and outs in that respect… it is the one true ironic and colossal failing of AW - an economist at heart who completely misread the market trends and with a few exceptions handled it poorly, especially on the “outs.”