Shkodran Mustafi (20)


This cunt is just fucking useless. Nothing to do with his personality or behaviours, but I can’t remember disliking an Arsenal player so much in a long while.

Needs fucking off at any cost.


Just because you type that out twice doesn’t make it twice as likely to happen


Lol, went through some Woolwich backstreets with no signal and my phone did a madness


I remember Gary Neville couldn’t understand why we’d bought him. Considering he was his manager like 4 months previously, that should have been a big warning :poldi:


To be fair, Mustafi probably couldn’t believe Gary Neville was his manager also.


This thread :arteta:


wow that is painful viewing :santi:


He’s every bit as bad as Silvestre, Squillaci, Djourou, Senderos etc.

I have no problem with naming him Arsenal’s worst ever transfer.


That’s incredible :joy:

This one is one that particularly angered me at the time


I can pinpoint the exact milisecond I began to hate Mustafi in that clip.


At least those said players were costing peanuts for transfers…cant believe we paid 35m for one of the worst defenders ever must have seen desperation in wenger.


‏This shit infuriated me


i love how he tried to blame cech…how in the fuck is cech gonna get that you absolute plum.


Lol Cech going off his nut at him. Probably told him to fuck off. Going from John Terry in front of you to Mustafi :arteta:


Too fucking right it does :joy:


It’s his reaction after his fuck ups that really get me, the guy really thinks he’s hot stuff and a boss footballer.


Hahah. I reckon rather than burning him a DVD, Unai just sent Mutafi a link to that twitter account


Infuriates me with his Back On Top tweets , yeah GTFO.


Really? He makes me laugh every game tbf.


How long is he out for? Hopefully it’s finally Mavro’s time.