Shkodran Mustafi (20)


I can only imagine that any interest in Mustafi would be if a club needs a hat stand or door stop.


Aren’t Sunderland top of League 1 this season? If they get promoted back to the Championship for 2019-2020 I think old Shkodran could do a job for them.


Unless Skriniar is on the move in the summer which is a possibility.

However, that’s like replacing a gem with a bag of shit.


It is Inter so fingers crossed.


He could be but he’s on the brink of signing a new long term deal with Inter so I think he’ll stay for another year personally.


Even Sunderland have got standards.
Their hat stands and door stops are perfectly adequate.


Sunderland and Adam Johnson have no standards.:hushed:


Does someone want this clown? I don’t care if we don’t get enough money from him. Just get rid of him.


He was pretty okay at Valencia, just not EPL/Arsenal material.


Its kind of funny - when I used to play FM, this was my basic approach when I took over every time - wholesale exits of players I didn’t want and reinvestment in youth and tactical upgrades and free agents… I would sell lots of players for nothing just to get them off the books (and that is what it).


Hopefully only 4 more months of this clown and then we can finally say goodbye.


Going to be tough to get rid of him with still 2 years go run on an overpaid contract.


It’s amazing to think we wasted more than 90m on Mustafi, Xhaka and Perez in the same window.
What was Wenger thinking?

We lost a fortune on Perez, who hardly played, and I doubt we will recoup a fraction of the money on either Mustafi or Xhaka because of the wages they are on.

It might be better to keep him as cover for anyone we buy in, because with our defensive injury record, he will get plenty of games.


Yeah that triumvirate is diabolical


Especially when 90m in 2017 had way more value back then in comparison to todays transfer market.


This guy…


Directly between the ball and the goal. Such positional awareness. What a defender.


sometimes i genuinely wonder if he does this on purpose or not…no one can be this shit surely. I wonder if he is a bit of a cunt saboteur or something.


Think we are gonna sell him in the summer. At least on loan because this cunt still has 2 years left on his contract.


That’s after Iwobi lost the ball. Mustafi’s not supposed to be anywhere at that point really because you’re not supposed to lose the ball like Iwobi did. The exact same goes for Lich who, correctly, just left his guy and started making a run outside of Iwobi to offer a passing alternative when he is dispossessed which completely takes him out of the defensive equation as well, but again it is not his fault.

Mustafi makes plenty of mistakes as is, we don’t need to make them up :sweat_smile: