Shkodran Mustafi (20)


Lol Mustafi has really fucked it. Is there really 4 or 5 better center halfs than him?




Good to see, given his shambles of a season it would have been embarrassing if Germany took him to the World cup.




From Paddy Power :joy:


This is such PR bullshit but I love it lol


It was nothing about football… he just said, “you fucker, don’t ever screw my daughter”…


Since this prick is staying, got to hope for an improvement in performance. Anyways:


This guy, no shame :arteta:


Shots fired at Wenger :joy::joy::joy:


Ummmm in his case should be an easy enough thing to figure out without being told…try everything!


Bench him sick of his face.

Can’t believe we paid 35M for him. Fucking hell


Clown :mustafi:


“He told me I had to work on the positioning and the tackling and the reading and the jumping and the heading and the thinking and the breathing…”


I rate Chambers more, yes, I mean it.


He actually is a worstcunt. Big words before the game airing out Wenger, but they’d only mean something had he put in a big performance, but the guys is just a scared bitch.

The likeability of this team will improve hundredfold once this cunt fucks off.

I think this is the most I’ve ever despised a player that plays for my team. I actually hate this cunt.

Counting down the days thill we bin him off.

There’s a lot of competition but this guy for the fee and role he was brought in to do is by far Wenger’s worst signing during the time I’ve been an Arsenal fan.

I’m taking attitude etc into account as well, because his stinks.


Think the Wenger bit was funny tho. Probably true aswell


He’s seriously hard to like, not to mention his backontop tweets when we’re sitting in a tail spin make me want to put him through a fucking wall. I honestly hope that a CB is right at the top of our recruitment priorities in January.


The Xhaka of CBs.


At least I can remember Xhaka doing one or two useful things