Shkodran Mustafi (20)


Well we are world renowned for our saintly charity work :giroud:


I think it has very little to do with our desperation and everything to do with everyone knowing Prem clubs had just got a ridiculous windfall from the new TV deal


You are correct also.

If I am not wrong, I remember the Mustafi deal last for quite a while, we tried to get other players, we tried to lower the price, but Valencia played hard ball on us.

Why? Because we desperately needed a CB.
Mustafi wasn’t even a hot target for other clubs at that time. We were one of two/three clubs that were trying to get him.


He was good the first few months we bought him. Maybe he’s just been Wengered. Would like to see how he does under Allegri tbh.


Think that was a bit of luck tbh. Think he’s just shite


I don’t think he is, he’s been awful but the same in many instances could be said of Kos, Per and a handful of other defenders in recent years.

It seems to the the price that is pissing people off but the truth is the cost of CB’s has sky rocketed in recent years and he didn’t dictate his cost, he was coming off the back of two very good seasons for Valencia and it was a fair price at the time for someone that is also a German international.

Seems he’s the latest in a long line to draw the ire of the fans but I would be hesitant to write him off when he’s played in perhaps the worst defensive side in Wenger’s reign as manager. No doubt he doesn’t help himself with the individual errors but some are going way OTT tbh.


Maybe. I just despite him rn


If Jogi Low picks Matthias Ginter and Niklas Sule ahead of him, you know how the German rates him.

Of course, if he gets picked because of Jerome Boateng’s injury(out of WC), that’s exception.


That means little apart from him being poor right now.

Low doesn’t have the best judgement tbh, although it would be perfectly reasonable to leave Mustafi out.


He is not just poor right now, in fact he was never a top defender.

We hyped him up because we bought him.

I did not say Jogi Low has the best judgement, but he has the whole DFB team to back him up, do the analysis and then decide whom he should pick and whom he should not.

If he got pick or not, it must be the footballing reason.
You won’t see any player that has Poldi treatment (cheerleader, locker room banter etc.) anymore.


He was very good at Valencia, not sure who called him a top defender.

He started off very well here and started then started playing poorly, sound familiar?

If he doesn’t make the German squad it doesn’t mean he’s a shit player or can’t make it here.


I did not say he was shit, although he is really shit recently.

Always rate him as a decent defender.

He did not lost his speed, technical skill or whatsoever.
It is his mentality and defensive positioning and his numbers of mental breakdown/collapse.

I won’t forget:

1/ he raised his arms but not running back to defend
2/ he ran straight to the goal, but should cover Kos instead


There’s an argument to be had that he’s Wengers worst ever CB signing. Other guys mentioned were signed for peanuts. We spent a heavy sum (he’s definitely among the top 6/7 most expensive CBS ever) on him and the performances haven’t even been close to expectations.

The issue with him is that he literally doesn’t do much right. If you removed his ball playing ability he wouldn’t be fit to play for a top flight club.


World class defender, just needs the right coaching. Ehat a profesional and student of this beautiful game… said no one ever, get rid of this clown asap.


Think this will be his last game for us, as well


Thanks to God for this gift just before the holy month.

I apologise to anyone for the complete filth I may have posted when I postulated this guy might be any good, and I apologise to anyone for rating this fool at all.

Begone schmuck


Totally get why we wanted to flog him out last summer.

As long as we get someone better, in return. (Shouldn’t be too hard)


So Joachim löw isn’t a complete mug


Who thought the opposite? :rofl:


That’s annoying. Was hoping he’d have a half decent World Cup so we could get a better fee for him!