Shkodran Mustafi (20)




He should cover Kos, simple defending


Stepanovs, Squillaci, Silvester, this cunt. Rank them in order. GO

Wenger was so right to sell this utter pillock. Every time we won the ball this utter mong would pass it straight back to them.

Useless bastard. No wonder G Neville got the sack at Valencia when this oxygen thief was playing for him.


I want Chambers please


Man I want to like this guy so much but he is making it so hard for me lol


Bring Silvestre back. He was a rock compared to this melt.


Mustafi wins by miles. He is just so fucking clueless.


Well the bar is set low here but:-


(big gap but not remotely near a £35m gap)

Silvestre (like Cygan, not as bad as people make out, infact Cygan was well underrated)

Squillaci (career on the slide when he came here and played particularly badly for us even so, but given who he played for you have to bear that in mind)

Stepanovs (actually my favourite of the players on this list and the only one who wasn’t brought in with a good CV, so that should be taken into account. He was just a really substandard player who got quickly found out, even 15+ odd year ago when the Prem quality was lower


As well as Senderos, Djourou and Gabriel and Cygan.

Whoever the new manager is, he can’t be any worse at buying CB’s as Wenger has been.


Oi. Leave Senderos alone. A lot of love for that guy.

He’s still playing ya know. In the MLS. I reckon he could do a better job than Mustafi!


Senderos was good. Helped us get to the CL final.

He was never the same after he got Drogba"d.

Doesn’t deserve to be in the same list as the ones mentioned.

Looool I forgot Cygan. He deffo deserves to be included haha


Well remembered.
I just put him on the list.

He probably wasn’t quite as bad as some of the others but he has found his level in the MLS :wink:
When he retires from football do you think he has the good looks for a career in male modelling?


Any excuse to revisit this absolute corker of an anecdote :joy:


Never read that anecdote - hahaha it’s brilliant


I remember Parlour talking about that on Talk Sport.
That’s an amazing thing to happen, if it’s true.


Already looking forward to Mustafis next “Back on Top” Instagram post. :gabriel:


Mustafi looks like a £15-20m player to me, definitely not 35m.
If we were not short of CB, no way Wenger would buy him.


That’s what happens when Wenger leaves a position we need filling for so long that every selling club know he is desperate an push the price up and we had to wait until the end of the transfer window to get him.


As always…


Remember when Gary Neville said that when he was at Valencia, they couldn’t give Mustafi away.

Enter Arsenal