Shkodran Mustafi (20)


Why? If the keeper calls for it you listen. It sounds plausible to me, more plausible than him just watching that ball as the defender strolled past him.

Not sure if Mustafi can become a top defender but I’m sure he’s a lot better than people give him credit for at the moment, would love to see him under another manager.


If ball watching was an Olympic sport…



I wonder what Rob Holding is thinking right about now.

Mustafi keeps turning in some pretty awful performances and still gets picked.


I hope he enjoyed the front row prime position watching CSKA score the 1st goal.


Best defender since prime Nesta imo


What a fucking ball from him! Incredible pre assist


Really tired of him.


Let him go to Serie A


he can go to west brom for all i care, useless twat.


Wow. Awful.


If he could at least attempt to defend the near post, he’d be a little less shit than he is

He has the awareness of a toddler


That was mostly Nacho’s fault.


Nacho escapes far too much criticism imo


I almost just wanted to automatically blame Mustafi too but that was just a terribly dumb decision by Nacho.


In the last handful of games, each of our defenders have been culpable for significant individual errors leading to goals


He’s playing terribly but he’s better than this as are plenty other players in the squad.

Wasn’t at this level at Valencia that’s for sure.


Playing away our defenders are so shit it’s not even funny anymore


this clown is the worst Arsenal defender I’ve seen in terms of low footballing IQ and inclination to blame others.

He has it all to be a good CB in terms of physicality and technique, but he will never be a top CB.

I pray we sell him and reinvest in a proper CB.


Maybe he’s just not suited to playing in England? Look at a guy like Fazio (CB, Roma). He was a total dumpster fire when he played for Spurs.

I’m sure coaching has something to do with it as well. Looks like we made the wrong choice to sell Gabriel and keep Mustafi. Even if Mustafi can pull a 10/10 out of the hat every five weeks. Dude’s going to get eaten alive against Atletico. So many opportunities for him to ball watch while Saul ghosts past him.


I don’t think it’s necessarily he can’t play in England, granted he’s definitely racking up the individual errors but so are others.

He’s been signed in a period where the defensive coaching is perhaps at its worst in the whole of Wengers tenure.

I think the fact Gabriel has gone to Spain and has become not only a mainstay but also a leader in the high flying Valencia team should demonstrate there are potential transformations to be made with our current crop of players, Mustafi is the better defender and has all the attributes to play the Arsenal way of years past.

I’d like to see a new manager come in before fully judging Mustafi, wasn’t too long ago when Kos could be a calamity as well.