Shkodran Mustafi (20)


And I’m assuming his last goal came against us too.


If he doesnt wanna be here kindly fuck off…can get far better.




The idea that he actually tried to blame Cech for that is fucking diabolical


1 good game 5 bad ones


There’s no one I want rid of more from this club than this twat. :smile: I actually dislike him considerably. I think I need to go find a story of him donating to charity or doing some solid community work to ease my wrath.


surely Germany have numerous CBs better than him?

if he makes the WC squad, Germany will have some serious trouble soon lol.


Well he wasn’t in their last squad.

They have better defenders. In terms of club football i’d say Bayern have the best central defence pairing in the game in Boateng and Hummels. Both German. No one else should get a look in for the starting line up…

But beyond that, Ginter and Rudiger got in the last Germany squad so Mustafi being in it for the WC wouldn’t totally surprise me, but him getting any minutes would :smile:


Fully understand why we tried to get rid of him last summer.


I always laugh when people say Wenger deserves a chance with better funds yet he spent 35m on him


Cech’s reaction towards Mustafi suggests otherwise. Cech reacted as if he was expecting Mustafi to clear that out. Obvious miscommunication there


For the 38mil we paid for him, he ought to be throwing himself at the ball, like Chiellini.

Instead, we have a moaning, unspectacular defender who (given the right training) can easily be replaced by Chambers or Holding


He looked decent when he first joined, no idea what has happened to him.


He’s been “wengered”.


Wasn’t he unbeaten in his first 20+ matches with us aswell hah


Before he joined everyone that had seen him play regularly basically said he was nothing special. I’m not sure what it is about him that made him our only target for that entire summer but I would suspect there was more to his inconsistencies than Wenger.


That is such a nothing statistic.


I think we were in for Manolas that summer too. Although that is what his agent was claiming. Mustafi probably wasn’t first choice.


Don’t forget Sule.
Germany actually have 5 CB in front of Mustafi.
If Jogi does pick him, it is just because of his “experience” or seniority.
He won’t get any minute at all unless 2 or 3 CBs are injured.
My guess is, he won’t get picked.

Probably because of his price tag.
You are right, he was nothing special, and still is.


I quickly remembered why I usually don’t bother reading the newsletter the club sends out after clicking into one this morning…:gabriel: