Shkodran Mustafi (20)


Gabriel would be looking just as bad


He didn’t want to stay so why did we keep him?


People forget just how shit Gabriel was for us at times.

He was a train wreck on steroids.


No need for the edit, he was shit with a few moment of decent in-between.



I was trying to be kind.


35m too, ffs.

Inter can have him


He seems like a nice guy, has decent dancing skills and is good on social media. It’s too bad he’s prone to so many bad decisions.


Collapse time again…


How can you fuck up your position that bad?


That was absolutely laughable defending, something you can ill afford if you want to upset Manchester City in the cup final.


i am so badly hoping this is the stuff needed to get rid of wenger. Mustafi has turned into an absolute bellend in a space of less than a year.


So, children,

we have a bunch of defenders making the same comical mistakes under the same manager for more than 10 years.

What does that tell us?


they’re stupid?


Well we need a better defending scout :man_shrugging:t5:





This guy…


Well-done. Need to abuse our players to make them feel the heat. No mercy with the people who have destroyed us. Wenger is the next one on the list.


Can’t even do the fucking basics like being goal side. Even the under 9’s know how to. Absolute liability.

However. If Mustafi goes down there, we get a free kick no doubt.


I’ll never understand sending abuse directly to players.

I’m happy to get on OA and tell everyone that I think Mustafi is a terrible defender when it comes to the mental side of the game and should probably leave the club in the summer.

But I don’t understand why this guy would send abuse to Mustafi directly. Never mind the idiots sending death threats to Xhaka. We get it folks, you’re super hard and you love the club more than the rest of us.