Shkodran Mustafi (20)


That’s why Mustafi could not lock down the CB role when Hummels and Boateng were out.
Jogi Low doesn’t trust him that much.


What was that header into the box all about? and Ayew has him on toast for the 3rd. He’s so culpable. I hate scapegoating when it’s the system at large that magnifies all of their weaknesses, but I’d move him on this summer if he was ready to leave


A real mixed day for him today, the challenge to dispossess Walcott was goal-saving but he’s so sketchy on the ball passing it around defence at times tho, I’d look to upgrade in the summer.


we need LOADS of upgrades throughout the team

he is one for sure


Not reliable. He has a lot of lapses in concentration. Need an upgrade.


He took out an Everton player clean out when there was absolutely no need :joy: and then hurt his knee in process hah


Time to drop him and play holding or chambers for awhile


He always has a moment in a game where he inexplicably takes 43 years to make a simple pass, and then when an opposing player gets near him, he shits the bed and does something idiotic like kick his own fucking ankle.


Such a liability stay on your fucking feet and stop fouling around our box.


Mustafi really has people torn. Search his name on Twitter and you have a mixture between “Best player in the first half” and “Mustafi is fucking awful”

Seems people can’t decide :grin:


I really can’t, thought he was much better today (1st half at least), looked stronger than koscielny and made some key challenges, overall our best defender. But I know the next flap in the box is only a game away.


He’s a winner very big history . We have player many would want . Made Kane miss many easy chances .
Next year he will be the best .


He also picks the wrong times to take a risk and get aggressive… he is lucky that he isn’t punished more sometimes. I just don’t think he has good intelligence and temperament, especially in our squad with a typically shambolic midfield. Today he had plenty of those moments… it was papered over with good blocks and last ditch tackles, but frankly if a defensive unit is doing their job, it is less fussy and emergency recoveries.


Mustafi had a solid game imo. The one that stuck out like a sore thumb was Kosh, I thought he had a mare.


Someone on the r/Gunners subreddit posted awful screenshots of abuse he, Alex Iwobi and Xhaka were getting on IG. It’s more than likely a bunch of teenagers who don’t understand that being a tit online isn’t cool, it’s actually really hurtful.


I still don’t believe that the players are poor; nor do I believe our defending, in general, is that poor either, it’s largely exaggerated. Bellerin has regressed significantly (which is more the concern).

Wenger can go, Bould can go.


Yeah, Kos is a bit past it.


Very poor tonight. Two very badly time slide challenges aswell.


In before the rage


One of the worst CBs at Arsenal since Squillaci. Why did we get rid of Gabriel for this trash?