Shkodran Mustafi (20)


Told you guys… he is okay to decent, but not as good as we think…


Should have gotten Laporte…


I hold him responsible for some of the errors but some of the stupid things people like Mustafi do are just because he has mediocre concentration. I said before we signed him that in Mustafi we’re getting a CB who isn’t good enough because his concentration is so poor.


Would have been fantastic but one think he would turn us down and two was never an option financially.

Here’s to hoping Sven comes good in that department.


I genuinely laughed man :joy: , and I second what you said.


There’s a fair argument for saying Mustafi has been as disappointing as Xhaka. Certainly both of them are mediocre signings at best, failed signings at worst.


Can’t say Mustafi is really better than Chambers and/or Holding.

I would give more minutes to the younger ones at this point…


I can’t quite compare them, at least Mustafi has games where he genuinely looks class and periods of consistency.

It’s one step forward and two steps back with him whereas it’s 10 steps behind with Xhaka.


Get this clown out please


What a joke…

Was Ayew even playing football before this week?


Reckon some people could do with directing a bit of their anger at the ridiculous attempt at clearing the ball Monreal made


consistently showing lack of concentration and collapse is NOT class…


The brief clip after he let it run out for a throw for the second goal, Wenger went absolutely mental. Conceded straight after.


I genuinely believe there are better players than we are seeing in Mustafi / Xhaka.

The lack of concentration in our team is straight up the manager.


Summer 2016 was a bit of a disaster wasn’t it? :joy:


One game he’s amazing the other a complete nightmare


I don’t think his head is here. He wants to leave.


Do explain how lapses in concentration are down to the manager?


A lack of focus on the task at hand? Players shirking responsibility because they’re not being told to take it? Players not afraid of the repercussions of the same mistakes being made, as they remain on the team sheet week-in-week-out?

I don’t see how basic errors like that, over a consistent period, can be pointed at anything else but negligent management.


All assumptions… Don’t forget you are talking about top pros who make top dollars. If they need someone else to tell them to do the basics, they should quit playing altogether.

They are in the team for lack of better alternatives. We’ve gotten rid of quite a lot of deadwood and I suspect Mustafi and Xhaka will be the next lot to go. Don’t forget we almost shipped him off to Inter in the summer.
If we manage to sign Evans today, Mustafi would go straight to the bench.